Get Ready to Skyrocket Revenue in Your Wellness Company

Here we share insights gained working with a multitude of global wellness providers including what works to help these companies grow to become industry-leaders and where there is opportunity to improve.

As a partner to some of the world’s best wellness providers, CoreHealth is always looking for ways to improve our customers’ success. While we do have wellness expertise, our customers are the true experts in wellness. Our strengths are being a nimble, agile, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial technology company. We recognize these strengths and haven’t branched into providing wellness services as a result.

CoreHealth partners with wellness companies to provide them with leading edge corporate wellness technology that they can brand and re-sell to their clients (e.g. corporations). Our customer list includes wellness providers of all sizes plus insurance companies, benefits brokers, HR Consulting firms and employee assistance providers (EAP’s).

This blog provides an overview to this series: 4 Ways to Skyrocket Revenue in Your Wellness Company

Wellness Companies Could Sell Better

During our sales process, we ask several questions to help us qualify our leads including “who is your insurer?” Surprisingly, more than once, we’ve heard it’s one of our very own customers! We also ask “who is your EAP?” and it too has been one of our customers! In fact, prospects have no idea these vendors offer wellness services. It’s very interesting considering the variety of wellness providers who buy our technology to effectively power and deliver their stellar wellness programs. Quite simply, they could just do a better job of telling their clients about these services.

Insurers, EAP's and Wellness Companies Are Missing Out

We’re talking about quality organizations calling us ranging in size from a few hundred employees to more than 50,000!  This is occurring in multiple countries so clearly it’s not an isolated problem.

Here are some of our assumptions after speaking with these end-user organizations:

  1. Customers do not know that their existing vendors (e.g. insurers, EAP providers, benefits brokers, HR Consulting firms) offer wellness services and customers are not asking them either. How unfortunate! A potential sale gone along with further expanding an existing relationship.
  2. Customers either do not know about wellness companies or do not think to approach them. Once again another missed opportunity.
  3. Customers are easily finding out about our wellness technology even though we clearly state that our market is wellness companies. Our marketing efforts have not gone unnoticed!
Clearly, wellness providers could do more to market to existing customers!

CoreHealth is Here to Help

As a result, CoreHealth will be releasing a blog series providing tools and resources to help corporate wellness companies promote their services and build their reputation so they can become the rocket-ready business they want to be.

If you are interested in rocketing your wellness business to a new level, stay tuned. If you want to do it quickly, talk to us TODAY.

Our promise to our customers is to be a lead generator for them.

Stick with us and hear about how to right-size your offerings, use social media to attract more leads, and create a process that ensures your leads are going to be a benefit versus a ball and chain for years to come.

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P.S. We are in the process of developing a special one-day course on how to Skyrocket Your Wellness Profits – more details to come.

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