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9 Sites to Help Corporate Wellness Companies Find a Wellness Portal

Jul 11, 2018

Leading corporate wellness companies are always looking for a competitive edge. Using the right wellness portal can make or break your success. Check out these sites to find the perfect technology vendor.

As described in the Comprehensive Guide to Wellness Technology, it's important to find the right portal for your unique business needs. The wrong fit can do some serious damage to your programs and your reputation. Do you due diligence and research the best technology vendors out there with these available resources.

Important Note: You will notice some of the directories/lists noted below don't clearly differentiate which vendor is a technology-only vendor OR if the vendor provides both wellness programs/services AND a wellness portal. Depending on what you are looking for, you may want a vendor that provides both; but, if you are a wellness company, you probably want a technology-only vendor because you already deliver programs/services plus...

You don't really want your wellness programs living in your competitors portal do you?

If you're a provider, it's important to understand how a wellness technology company is different from a corporate health vendorCoreHealth is one of the few wellness technology-only vendors in the industry so corporate wellness companies can trust their program/services are safe and secure from their competitors.

You may also be interested in understanding the difference between a wellness software application vs. wellness platform - a distinct but important factor to understand as you research wellness portals.

9 Sites to Help You Find a Wellness Portal

Here are 9 helpful resources (that we know of) to help you research wellness technology:


2. Capterra Capterra Logo

3. G2CrowdG2Crowd

4. GetAppgetapp.jpg


6. ShortlisterShortlister

7. SHRM SHRM.png

8. Welcoawelcoa.png

9. WellStepsWellsteps.jpg

You may notice that CoreHealth is not included on all these lists as we are not a wellness services company (just a vendor for wellness portals (aka wellness platform). Many of the corporate wellness companies included in these lists (e.g. Shortlister) are also our customers and re-sell our wellness portal (in addition to providing health and wellness products to clients).

Other Helpful Resources

Pick your business and check out these other great resources to help you grow your wellness revenue:

Also check out this listing of Wellness Resources and Portals.

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Cindy Danielson

Written by Cindy Danielson

Cindy Danielson is CoreHealth's Marketing Maverick and team leader with a passion for connecting people and technology. In addition to marketing, she has experience as a Benefits Brokers, HR Professional and Project Manager. She loves sales and marketing process while leveraging systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and HubSpot.

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