The Pink House of Workplace Wellness Technology

When shopping for a new corporate wellness technology, it can be an overwhelming process; especially when you're not completely clear on your vision. Do you like to be kinda crazy or do you need a shiny box?

What kind of buyer are you?

Do you have a clear vision and know exactly what you want in a platform with varying shades of 'colors' or features? (If you don't, our wellness technology playbook may help you get some clarity.)


Do you 'live' in the world of grays where you have a general idea but need to see something presented to you to help you articulate your vision? In simple terms: you want someone to tell you what you want.

So what kind of buyer are you? Do you like color or gray?

Stay with me here as I get to my point...

Have you ever shopped for a new home that seems perfect on paper? It's got all the required bedrooms and bathrooms, the garage, a big backyard but when you actually see it, it's got pink walls and carpeting EVERYWHERE! Agh! Are you someone who can see the potential? or do you leave without looking at it?

While I don't have any hard statistics, I suspect 90% of buyers would walk away without looking any further because they can't 'envision' the house looking any different than PINK! But, the bones are so good (and so is the price) with so much potential, it's hard to ignore.

The pink house is definitely a challenge for the seller and the realtor trying to sell this home (no matter how great of a salesperson you are). 

Sophisticated Technology Can Feel Like a Pink House

This situation can be challenging for the marketers out there (me included) when your product (wellness software) is so darn awesome with incredible potential but not everyone 'sees it' because they can't get past the pink (so many features and options it can be overwhelming).

As a marketer, you try and tell a story that helps the buyer envision themselves using it to help them solve their problem or challenge. But, how do you do that when there are no limits (with your solution) when it's apparent that many buyers prefer to have limits? When buyers decide to go with the 'shiny box' they saw and fell in love with only to discover later that it doesn't work the way you hoped when they start to actually use it. (Agh! it's happened to all of us).  

People are easily impressed when they can immediately view a shiny box of exactly what their program will look like (what you see is what you get). What they don't realize is the limitations they'll face down the road with a canned product until they discover they don't have the functionality they really need and hit the boundaries soon rather than later.

At CoreHealth, our corporate wellness technology is truly limitless because of how we designed it - it can do the standard wellness programs and so much more (wellness, telehealth, personalized health, consumer health and beyond...). Just read what our customers have to say

I think of our technology as the "Salesforce of wellness technology". 

For anyone who has developed on or administered Salesforce, you know you can pretty much 'launch rockets' out of their solution. Yes, like Salesforce, our technology is packaged into products (because that's what buyers often want and it's easier to price) but when you really get into it, if you have a vision that's 'out of the box', does your technology have the ability to adapt and deliver? That's how many wellness applications are designed - they work great when you stick with simple and fit within 'the box' of your vendor's technology limitations. But, that's not our style. I guess that's why we work with the wellness providers we do... they have vision to see 'out of the box' and want to continuously evolve and not be limited by their technology.  

Flexible technology can provide you with 'a box' to start AND the ability to evolve with you when you outgrow it

But, we can put you in a 'shiny box' if you really want to (perhaps, that's just what you need to get started) but the good news is that when you outgrow that 'shiny box', CoreHealth will be here for you to help you take things to the next level when you're ready - with technology that can be configured and tailored to whatever suits your fancy.

My Point

In addition to clearly identifying what features and requirements you need in your wellness technology, It's also important to soul search and decide what kind of buyer you (and your organization) is. If you really want a simple 'out of the box' solution, we can deliver that (e.g. we offer a fantastic out-of-the-box offering called Wellbeing123) but if you are truly looking to realize the full potential of your technology investment and use it to 'launch wellness rockets'... that's our specialty!

If you can dream it, we can build it.

With CoreHealth, you can ENVISION and IMPLEMENT just what you want so that pink house becomes the most perfect, comfortable home you could ever imagine - never wanting to move houses again.  

Ready to Launch Wellness Rockets?

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