How Employee Wellness Programs Can Help Attract and Retain Top Talent

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Struggling to maintain a highly engaged talent pool? You might need to revamp your talent acquisition strategies and offer wellness programs. 

Regardless of size, most companies face challenges in hiring and retaining the right people. Applicants are no longer settling for just any position—especially those who know their expertise. So, the traditional approach of talent acquisition and employee retention no longer works.

Your business needs to be competitive and attractive to prospective talent. Keep in mind…employees, particularly younger generations, not only want financial compensation, they want a strong company culture that may include:

  • Promoting productive and team-oriented work environments
  • Being acknowledged for their work and upward mobility
  • Resources and programs that focus on their well-being
  • A focus on diversity in the workplace
  • The possibility for flexible work arrangements

Managing a New Generation of Talent

Investing in a productive and qualified workforce is a big endeavor, but worth it. Labor costs take up a huge chunk of an organization’s resources. Some organizations may not struggle with labor costs if their business is doing well. However, not all companies can say the same—and replacing employees is costly and time-consuming. In addition, managers and HR teams often fail to spend time nurturing employees and integrating them into the organization. This has to change. 

The new generation of talent knows what they want. Many employees, particularly the high performers, are making work-life balance and career advancement a high priority, more than compensation. 

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Not all companies consider work-life balance when working on their talent acquisition strategies. While many employees feel valued and appreciated when acknowledged for their contributions to the company, access to health and wellness initiatives and a healthy work-life balance are also important. 

5 Ways Wellness Programs Increase Employee Engagement

The necessity for wellness programs has taken over the luxury of implementing them. They are essential to ensuring employees are at their optimal health and well-being, and the talent you hire is not burning out while on their way to leaving the organization. Here’s how wellness programs can help you retain employees and boost engagement:

1. Develop Better Work RelationshipsGroup of 5 Working Together

Most employees perform best when they have good working relationships with their colleagues and managers. Job satisfaction often relies heavily on relationships with management, which is a critical component that enhances a person’s mental health. Wellness program participants enjoy opportunities for social connection through group activities, such as fitness sessions and wellness challenges. 

Working on a shared vision can also help team members collaborate and improve camaraderie. Better working relationships lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. 

2. Help Employees Manage Stress

Workplace stress has become an endemic that most organizations continue to struggle with. Employees continue to battle chronic stress which can ultimately lead to burnout. The result: employees will find it hard to engage in the workplace and remain productive team members. 

Stress management sessions and focus groups offered through wellness programs can help employees cope with the pressures of the job, as well as address work-related stress issues to find solutions. Employees who feel supported through their challenges are likely to be better engaged and committed to the company. 

3. Improved Mental Health and MoraleTwo Co-Workers Fist Bump

Disengaged employees often perform below expected standards, negatively impacting teamwork and overall organizational productivity. If gone unnoticed, employees may start exploring other options outside the organization. Eventually, they may leave the company and it could take time and valuable resources to replace them. 

Wellness programs should include focus areas such as exercise, promoting a healthy diet, and nurturing good relationships to improve employee mental health. When an employee’s mental health suffers, their morale, engagement, and productivity may suffer as well.

Wellness programs that have a focus on mental health can be critical in boosting employee morale, supporting their current situation. Integrating mental health support into wellness programs can be better received by employees if support is offered within the workplace. This in turn will promote a stronger company culture built on employee care and support. 

4. Healthier Employees

Sick employees are costly for organizations. Lost productivity costs $225.8 billion annually, far more than what a wellness program would entail. 

Healthier behaviors can boost employee engagement. Once employees adopt healthier practices, their focus improves, they feel more energetic to perform their best. Wellness programs can support employee well-being while saving your business costs down the line. 


Hire the right people and invest in them. Employees are more likely to stick around if they are offered a healthy work-life balance. The sooner you invest in your employees’ growth through employee wellness programs, the easier it is for you to build an engaged and valued team—improving productivity and your bottom line. 

If your organization is looking to develop a wellness program to improve employee engagement, connect with us today.

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