Discover the Power of Gamification in Employee Wellness Programs: Essential White Paper Insights

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Do you want to know about the latest evidence-based behavioral incentive that can unify all your wellness program offerings and technologies and supercharge employee participation?

Check out our latest white paper to learn about the most important motivational wellness tool your team may not be using.

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A Incentive Strategy That Increases Program Participation and Drives Individual Wellness

Employee engagement has reached an eleven-year low, so employers need to use every tool in their arsenal to engage employees and inspire them to lead healthier lives. While workplace engagement is a complex problem to solve, it’s clear that employee wellness initiatives are not just a piece of the puzzle but an integral, indispensable part of the solution. 

Yet employee wellness programs routinely struggle with low participation rates, even though financial incentives are frequently used, and wellness technologies like watches, heart rate monitors, and pedometers are exceedingly popular.

Currently, wellness programs offer a wide variety of programs, tools, and strategies, but many lack a coherent, proven motivational strategy to tie them together and drive results. 

Our latest white paper provides an overview of how a behavior change strategy that has been used with great success across other industries can drive program participation, improve individual health and wellness, and increase employee engagement in your organization. It also includes four peer-reviewed research studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy in employee wellness and offer specific tips and tricks for implementing it. 

Today, there are more digital platforms, wearables, and wellness programming options available than ever before. Employers need a proven motivational tool that integrates them all fully to produce a seamless and enjoyable wellness experience—one that leads to high employee participation and improved employee engagement. 

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