FREE Wellness RFP Template and Tools to Find the Best Wellness Portal

Is it time to find a new wellness portal to manage your employee wellness programs? Whether you're going through an RFP process or not, check out these free resources to start your wellness vendor search.

If you've seen the signs that your wellness technology needs updating, or are ready to implement a digital wellness program, this blog post is for you.

Ready to Start Your Digital Wellness Journey?

Researching and evaluating new wellness management software vendors is quite an in-depth process and not something you undertake very often (thankfully!). Whether you plan to deliver your wellness program to your own employees or you're a wellness service provider, a broker, a healthcare system, or an insurance provider - having a digital platform to host your program is a must-have in the post-pandemic world

Are you looking for wellness technology to help design, deliver and administer your wellness programs as efficiently, painlessly, and affordably as possible?

We want to support you with this process. Below you'll find a FREE Toolkit for Researching and Evaluating Wellness Technology Vendors that will help you to:

  • Identify your current pain points
  • Determine your project team
  • Establish your project goals for new wellness technology
  • Identify and prioritize your functional requirements for a new portal
  • Guide you through the entire vendor research and evaluation process
  • Conduct an internal needs assessment
  • Plus some resources to help you research wellness portal vendors on the market

Download the Wellness Technology Toolkit

Have a Smooth Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

RFPs can be a lengthy process, especially if you've also initiated a request for information (RFI) first. While many vendors may be unable to respond to each RFP or RFI on the market, as a buyer, you should do your best to gather a well-rounded vendor selection. 

Look no further than this editable wellness portal RFP template. Housed in an easy-to-navigate Excel file, the RFP template provides you with a starting point to tailor an RFP/proposal for distribution to wellness management software vendors.

If you're not going to go through the RFP process, you can still use this as your internal guide for understanding your technology needs. 

In this FREE template, you'll find sections outlining:

  • Your company's wellness technology objectives and goals
  • A variety of questions to ask vendors
  • Your functional technology requirements
  • Leading questions about required technical, security, maintenance, support, and implementation
  • And the template follows up with questions on technology vendor pricing
    Download the Editable Wellness Portal RFP Template

Prepare Yourself for Wellness Vendor Demos

The vendor demo stage is where many organizations stop their structured process which, in our opinion, is a BIG mistake!

Here are a few tools to help you effectively evaluate wellness portal vendors and handle the critical vendor demonstration process:

Once your vendor demos conclude, be sure to:

  • Have an internal debrief with your evaluators after all vendor demos are done
  • Create a vendor short-list and begin the reference check process
  • Time to make a decision and jump into the contracting stage

Additional Resources You May Like

Check out our Resource Center for industry best practices, tips on launching a successful wellness program, and more. Below are a few other resources that may be of interest 

Allow Us to be Your First Wellness Vendor Demo

Kickstart your wellness technology vendor search by reaching out to CoreHealth. Our health, wellness, and technology experts would be delighted to provide you with a detailed demo of our corporate wellness management software. 

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