EAP Providers That Offer Wellness Corporate Solutions

Employers tend to associate Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) with providing counseling and support to employees to overcome personal issues but you may not know that many EAPs also provide wellness corporate solutions too!

We often hear from organizations looking for assistance with worksite wellness programs and didn't know their employee assistance program EAP providers offered wellness corporate solutions. Unfortunately, some EAP providers are missing out on potential revenue by neglecting to promote their wellness solutions.

Worksite wellness programs and EAPs work hand-in-hand since wellness programs often prevent issues that EAPs frequently cover, and reduce those issues before they become large-scale problems. EAPs are always great tools for maintaining a healthy employee population. but this is especially true when their full potential is achieved through wellness. 

Largest EAP Providers

Below, we’ve compiled a list of EAP companies that offer worksite wellness programs in addition to more traditional counseling and support offerings, organized by the area they service.

Don’t be surprised if the list seems long – wellness is becoming more common among the largest EAP providers as more businesses demand it.


Beacon Health OptionsBHO-Colorado-2015.png

Beacon Health Options’ has developed health education and disease prevention resources for program leaders that are easy to roll out and easy to integrate with any existing programs. These online support tools can help motivate and prepare individuals to make behavioral changes in support of their health—from good sleep to healthy weight management to heart-healthy practices, and more. They can also help organizations create and sustain a culture of health and engagement. 

ComPsych ComPsych.png

ComPsych’s innovative health and wellness programs address the full continuum of emotional and physical issues of an employee to improve well-being and performance. HealthyGuidance® is a comprehensive solution to improving corporate health and productivity, empowering employees to make healthy lifestyle changes while helping them overcome barriers to success such as emotional and mental health issues. HealthyGuidance® wellness programs include health assessments, tobacco cessation, weight management, lifestyle coaching, worksite wellness challenges, incentive tracking, education and communications. 

Chestnut Global Partners CGP.png

Chestnut Global Partners offers a wide range of wellness services, including wellness coaching for topics such as diabetes to depression and everything in between, through secure video chat and telephone meetings. They also offer a workplace Health Risk Assessment, leadership trainings, organizational review, online behavioral health education resources, and more. 

CGP Wellbeing Zone target areas include: mental resilience, finance, smoking, healthy eating, activity, alcohol, sleep, caffeing and water.

LifeWorks LIfewoks.png

LifeWorks (formerly known as Ceridian Lifeworks) provides a full wellness program with HRA, health coaching, online workshops, trackers and challenges, and also offers a private social network for employees to boost morale and increase social wellbeing. 

Optum optum_logo.jpg

Optum Global Wellness Solutions takes on wellness from a practical point of view, by facilitating biometric screening, on-site services, tobacco cessation programs, wellness coaching, health and well-being portal

Optum’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) assists employees and covered family members with personal problems affecting family life, work life or general well-being. For managers and supervisors, the EFAP helps address critical workplace events and crises.

Optum's manage population health solutions support employee wellness and guide them to the right care and resources, while managing costs. 

Morneau Shepell morneau.png

Morneau Shepell's organizational wellness program, called Total Health Solutions, is a robust approach to organizational health and wellness. It delivers:

  • Employee and family assistance programs to reduce costs related to employee health benefits, disability, and absenteeism
  • Fitness coaching
  • Individual health screening
  • Traumatic event support
  • A reach-out program called Echo that proactively finds employees entering new life stages (new job, having a baby, turning 50, etc.) and confidentially sends them information to their home to help them navigate change
  • Customized programs 
  • Workplace learning solutions
  • Disability Management Services that give employers the resources across all areas of employee absense - casual absence, disability leave and workers' compensation

With Shepell, you work with one provider, delivering world class health and wellness solutions to support your people and organization.

Workplace OptionsWorkplace Options Logo

Workplace Options is the world's leading employee wellbeing provider. Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., it is a company that provides emotional, physical, and practical support services to employees and their family members across the world. Through clinical services, work-life support, and employee wellness programs, Workplace Options provides services to help employees to be happier, healthier, and more productive at work and throughout their lives. Through Global Service Centers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Portugal, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Singapore, China and Japan, we provide support to more than 58 million people across 90,000 organizations across 200+ countries and territories.

Specialties include: Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Work-Life Programs, Wellness Services, and Employee Benefits


Aspiria Aspiria - Copy.jpg

Aspiria offers seminars and one-on-one wellness counseling on a range of topics, including addiction recovery, anxiety, stress reduction, work-life balance, medical health, medical resource referral, and nutrition. They also offer educational resources for distribution to employees. 


Empathia EAP offers a program called LifeMatters® which combines EAP, work-life balance and wellness. These services can be focused on several wellness-related issues determined by the needs of the organization, but commonly include emotional and family counseling, tobacco cessation and interactive training programs. Empathia serves the US and Canada.

Culture1st®:  Workplace culture assessment and optimization

Wellbeing Coaching:  Individual behavior change support

Homewood Health HomewoodHealth_Color_Logo-Horizontal_EN_1015-1-.jpg

Homewood Health approaches wellness from two perspectives.

The first is keeping healthy employees at work including:

  • On-site health education presentations
  • Crisis management
  • Online health challenges and events
  • Wellness consultations
  • Health kiosks where a registered nurse temporarily comes to the workplace in a kiosk for personalized health consultations including blood pressure checks, BMI measurement, stress tests, etc.
  • Nutrition clinics where employees can meet with a dietitian for 20 minute sessions

 The second is bringing unhealthy employees back to work, including:

  • Occupational health services
  • Health assessments
  • Case management

Lidkea Stob and Associates Lidkeastob.png

Lidkea Stob and Associates is a family counseling firm that offers EAP and worksite wellness. Their worksite wellness programs are customizable but are based on counseling to increase wellbeing and self-care. These counseling sessions are done via SKYPE. 

Optima Global Health Optima.png

Optima EAP’s wellness add-on offerings include health education activities, medical evaluations, trainings for managers, educational video clips, and workshops and conferences. Optima Global Health closely monitors the physical and psychological health of close to 1,000,000 Canadian employees. 

PAR Consultations and CounselorsPAR.jpg

PAR Consultations and Counselors offers counseling on a range of health topics such as addictions counseling, family and workplace interventions, emotional disorder therapy, and wellness workshops, groups, and seminars.

Solareh (acquired by Morneau Shepell Dec 2016)

Solareh’s employee wellness and performance improvement program is called Syntonia and include:Solareh.png

  1. Seminars on a range of health-related topics
  2. Interactive workshops designed to generate active participation by allowing participants to talk with a professional about a specific subject
  3. Health and wellness booths staffed by experts
  4. Clinics that allow employees to meet one-on-one with a professional to assess their physical health
  5. Manager training that gives people-leaders an opportunity to improve their people-management skills and competencies

United States

Adventist HealthCare

Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies Logo-01

Adventist HealthCare has partnered with LifeWork Strategies for customized employee assistance and wellness programs available across the U.S. Their employee assistance and wellness programs focus on determining the unique wellness goals for businesses and their employees, tailor employee assistance and employee well-being services to the workplace culture, and they work closely with their customers to ensure the program is a success. 

Cascade CentersCascade Centers.jpg

Cascade Health is for organizations interested in taking their wellness program to the next level with the aim to integrate behavioral health services from Cascade’s EAP into our wellness solutions. Solutions include: health screenings, "WholeLife" Scale behavioral health risk assessment, financial wellness, health coaching and onsite classes and seminars.

Concern EAP Concern.png

Concern EAP offers wellness seminars on a range of topics, including healthy sleep, exercise motivation, financial services, and nutrition.Concern's Workplace Resilience Tools provide employees with guided help, engaging multi-media content and useful toolkits that help them create their own personalized resilience strategy. With that strategy, they can better manage many common stress-related health issues, resulting in better health and work/life satisfaction.

CorpCare CorpCare.png

CorpCare offers a full selection of wellness services, in a program called EAP Wellness Advantage. Each member gets 6 face-to-face counseling sessions per year with master’s level counselors, plus unlimited access to a telephone triage line and on-site services including seminars, critical incident response, trainings, etc. They also have access to work-life assistance, newsletters, discounted gym memberships, an online wellness portal, wellness reporting, an incentive program, HRA, and more. CorpCare Wellness Advantage Plus provides all of the services noted above plus many more.

E4 Health e4 Health.png

E4 Health offers a program called HealthMap. Based on clinically validated research, it combines the historically disparate products of EAP, Wellness and Care Coordination to help organizations capture the unique power of human behavior in order to contain costs while improving individual health and wellbeing. E4's Wellness component combines an interactive HRA, personal coaching, mobile apps, wearable devices, web tools, text messaging, and traditional services, such as flu shots, biometric screenings and challenges. 

Empathiaempathia Logo

Empathia EAP offers a program called LifeMatters® which combines EAP, work-life balance and wellness. These services can be focused on several wellness-related issues determined by the needs of the organization, but commonly include emotional and family counseling, tobacco cessation and interactive training programs. Empathia serves the US and Canada.Culture1st®:  Workplace culture assessment and optimizationWellbeing Coaching:  Individual behavior change support.

EFR Employee & Family Resources EFR.jpg

EFR Employee & Family Resources offers wellness that is balanced and touches on well being across the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, spiritual, financial, and occupational aspects of members’ lives. They offer a range of services including consulting, training, culture audits, and wellness workshops (via webinar).

Employee Resource Systems
Employee Resource Systems (ERS) offers Wellness Concierge – a comprehensive wellness and healthEmployee Resource Systems.png management program offering access to fitness, nutrition and health resource and referral, enhanced wellness-related web content and online assessments, fitness and nutrition consultation, healthcare advocacy and nurse line services. Its specific services are customized by company.

First Sun EAP 

First Sun.jpg

First Sun EAP offers in-person or online counseling for wellness-related issues, such as stress, alcohol abuse, weight management and nutrition. They also provide workplace risk management to assist in managing behavioral risks regarding job performance, crisis management, absenteeism, substance abuse and behavioral concerns.

Health Management Systems of America 


Health Management Systems of America provides a full menu of workplace wellness solutions, including telephonic and online counseling, an implementation and promotion kit, 24-hour nurse line, individual and aggregate reports, HRA, and programs for exercise, weight loss, stress, smoking cessation, and over-eating. HMSA's Work/Life and Wellness programs help employees and their families identify, resolve, and gain control over problems that interfere with daily life activities, health, and work performance.  

Invest EAP Invest EAP.png

Invest EAP program members can expert on-site wellness workshops and workplace wellness program development that focuses on many aspects of wellness. 


KGA offers a variety of health and wellness events based on current wellness trends, best practices and unique workplace environments. These include onsite seminars, information tables, chair massage, and wellness demos, in addition to online live webinars and group chats. They also offer wellbeing consultations on a range of topics and specialize in stress management solutions. 


MHN provides all members with health resources available on the member website that are designed to help individuals make healthy changes including health and wellness workshops and personalized wellness coaching services. 

Northwell Northwell.png

Northwell’s services include onling health risk assessments and cancer risk assessment, informational resources, smoking cessation programs and emotional support groups.

Optima Healthoptimahealth-logo-horiz.png

OptimaHealth EAP services focus primarily on EAP programs including short and solution focussed counseling; however, as per their LinkedIn profile, they offer innovative programs for members with chronic illnesses, customized wellness programs, integrated clinical and behavioral health services, and pharmacy management.

Premier EAPPremier EAP.png

Premier EAP is a smaller, regional EAP company that provides customized wellness presentations for employees in addition to regular EAP offerings.

The Premier Exam Network is a specialized division that maintains a network of highly skilled, experienced psychologists and psychiatrists who perform evaluations of employees referred by their employer who are exhibiting changes in mood and/or behavior suggesting psychological problems, safety concerns, conflicts with co-workers, cognitive problems, sudden decline in job performance, and side effects from possible substance abuse or prescription drugs.

EAP Provider Seeking Software?

If you are an EAP provider looking for new wellness management software to take your wellness programs to the next level, request a demo and we'll show you how we help other providers deliver worksite wellness programs to clients. 

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