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The Unsung Heroes in Health and Wellness - System Administrators

Jul 26, 2019

Say what? That's right, System Administrators are those essential people we can't live with out! Let's say thanks to their valuable work supporting businesses out there. It's System Administrator Appreciation Day!

The unsung heroes. The hidden champions. Such phrases may portray images of a warrior in the background, responsible for winning a battle. Today, on System Administrator Appreciation Day, I think that analogy applies well.


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Health and Wellness is moving full steam ahead into the 21st century. Digital wellness platforms, such as the one offered by CoreHealth Technologies, have become crucial to remain relevant in this space. And while dieticians, program designers, coaches and nurses are at the forefront, they’d be doomed without the daily support of the System Administrator team.

When a server goes down in the middle of the night, it’s the System Administrator who gets the wake-up call. When hackers are busy trying to cause havoc on your system, it's the Administrator(s) doing all the right things to keep your data protected and safe. Your computer crashes... you call your System Admin!

HIPAA compliance? RFP questions? Security training? Check, check and check.

These guys and gals really are the cornerstone of a digital health and wellness world. I’d encourage you to take a moment today and appreciate your company System Administrator. In my experience, doughnuts work well.

Thanks to Our Unsung System Admin Heroes

Mark Duller Trevor Ostrom Dave Hampel

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