Global Privacy Laws When Storing Personal Health Information in Wellness Technology

It is becoming increasingly common for global companies to deliver wellness programs for their entire workforce. Read on to understand geographical privacy laws for personal health data storage.

While there are a large number of wellness providers who advertise “global reach” with their programs, when you ask them what the associated Privacy Laws are, you are likely to receive a myriad of answers.

Personal Health Information Storage

Numerous myths and misunderstandings exist relating to the geographical requirements for the storage of personal information, particularly sensitive Personal Health Information (PHI) in wellness technology.

  • Must it be stored onshore?3D people and computers networking around the world - isolated over white.jpeg
  • Can it be stored offshore?
  • If so, in what locations and under what conditions?
  • If the data is physically stored in the country of origin, can it be accessed for support and troubleshooting by someone in another country?
  • What about a remote screen share where the data is not actually crossing international borders?

We at CoreHealth decided to get to the bottom of these questions, so we consulted privacy experts on the matter…

Global Privacy Laws

As it turns out, there are several levels of privacy law throughout the world. While you may presume that third-world countries have less stricter laws; you may be surprised to learn some first world countries are viewed as providing inadequate protection of data. It is risky to guess which is which.

If you are faced with concerns over data storage for your corporate wellness platform, you can download our white paper to read about the privacy laws of various regions in the world at this time.

Don’t worry – it’s written in layman’s language!

Download Global Privacy White Paper

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