The Health Risk Assessment is Evolving and Getting Smarter

Assessments are surveys or questionnaires used to identify an individuals predisposition to future health problems but are now evolving to use AI and wearable device data to more accurately predict health risks. 

The Evolution of the Health Risk Assessment  

Health risk assessments and have long played a role in gathering the health information of individuals needed to determine a personalized health strategy in corporate wellness programs. It is vital to identify at-risk employees so that they can be offered the right types of programs that will lead them down the path of adopting healthier behaviors. For example, implementing a workplace mental health assessment can help to accurately assess an individual’s area of risk of mental illness, so appropriate intervention strategies like additional support, counselling and coaching can then be provided. Furthermore, the positive impact of early intervention can also lead to a greater chance of cost savings for an organization. 
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The Two Types of HRAs

1. Active Data Health Assessments

Although incentives help to encourage individuals to complete assessments, it still requires manual entry. This is referred to as active data, or the data requested from an individual who needs to actively provide the information. 

Collecting active data has some limitations including:

  • The scope of questions asked - some participants may not want to answer specific questions or may not know the answers.
  • The quantity of information - you can only ask a specific number of questions. If the assessment is too long, you risk people not completing all questions.
  • Response frequency - it's not realistic to ask participants to spend an hour every day answering your questions.

Essentially, participants spend their own time responding to the required information, which could be subjected to that person's preconceived attitudes and opinions about what information they are self-reporting. Unfortunately, participants formulating their own responses is an opportunity for personal biases and dishonest information. 

2. Passive Data Health Assessments

Unlike active data, passive data is completely objective and can include data gathered from wearable devices, mobile phones, websites, etc. Instead, participants provide their own information voluntarily without completing a survey or health assessment.

Vivametrica Passive Health Risk Assessment

CoreHealth network partner Vivametrica is a health analytics company revolutionizing the insurance and wellness industries by implementing a passive health risk assessment using mobile and wearable device data, artificial intelligence protocols and scientifically validated models to accurately predict mortality and disease risk.
Vivametrica uses clinical benchmarking to compare an individual with an individual just like them in the general population. Using algorithms built on clinical, population-based research, the digital health assessment uses the data to assess risk and ultimately determine a vScore or "lifestyle fingerprint" that is completely personalized to that individual. Like a credit score for health, the vScore is a benchmark for individual and group health.

The digital health risk assessment consists of 5 simple questions on age, gender, height, weight and steps per day. The data is then analyzed on the web or mobile app in real-time, taking only seconds to produce the individuals vScore rating.  

Integrated with CoreHealth's corporate wellness platform, Vivametrica's solution will provide holistic and personalized results for wellness providers that can be used to support individual employee behavior change and ultimately improve employee productivity.

CoreHealth's Health Assessment tools

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