Webinar: Health Coaching and Cognitive Intervention by SelfHelpWorks

Have you ever had a habit that feels impossible to break? If you haven't tried health coaching and cognitive behavioral training, it can be a powerful tool to take control.

Cognitice Behavior Training

Cognitive behavioral training (CBT) interventions are available for tobacco cessation, obesity and unhealthy eating, inactivity, stress, alcohol abuse and Type 2 diabetes management. CBT may give you the tools and support you need to finally break that impossible habit.

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Video Support & Cognitive Interventions

SelfHelpWorks by Avidon Healths' HD videos and PersonalCoach™ software work in harmony to deliver an engaging, personalized "live" health coaching experience.

The SelfHelpWorks cognitive interventions are designed to create contextual transformation using a process that is evidence-based, peer reviewed and clinically validated.

Who is SelfHelpWorks? 

SelfHelpWorks is the leading provider of video-based cognitive interventions for reducing population health risk. Their evidence-based online courses eliminate even the most deeply ingrained unhealthy habits at the lowest cost per successful intervention.

SelfHelpWorks is a CoreHealth partner in our wellness network. Their HD videos and PersonalCoach™ software are accessible via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.


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