CoreHealth Values at Work... at Work (from home) Volume 3

During this continuing uncertain quarantine time, days are blurring together, people are trying to adapt to a new normal and mental health concerns are on the rise. 

“Happy Blursday!”

Is it just me or does every interaction begin with some kind of acknowledgement of our collective ennui and inability to tell one day from another? The days run together with little differentiation between weekdays (where some work and perhaps some teaching and hopefully a little time outside) and weekends (when you still can’t “do” much of anything so maybe you catch up on the work you were meant to do while you wereIll man sitting on his bed with his head on his hand trying to teach 3rd grade math).

There’s real concern that we’re at the brink of a secondary pandemic; not COVID-20 or the COVID 15 (although more on that in a different post). It’s the very real concern that mental health disorders will skyrocket in the wake of this unprecedented isolationism. Reportedly, 25% of adults suffer from some form of mental illness; this number has no where to go but up as the levels of uncertainty remain static. Public health is a concern, economic stress, family stress, work stress, etc…. the list goes on and on. People are having to adapt to a new 'normal'; becoming a teacher for their children, working from their bedrooms or dining tables, cancel travel plans, not being able to visit or see family members and a constant concern about their health and well-being during a time of isolation. In addition to the stress that COVID-19 has brought, anxiety, depression and other mental health illnesses are on the rise. 

The mental health and well-being of people has always been a top priority at CoreHealth and there are resources to help! One of my favorite Ted Talks is about emotional first aid by a psychiatrist named Guy Winch… you can watch it here.  Employers are also increasingly providing emotional well-being programs to their employees, whether its through self-paced tutorials such as SelfHelpWorks’ resiliency program that CoreHealth is providing free of license fees until the end of 2020, EAPs or one of CoreHealth's mental well-being programs or challenges

A few of the Stress Management Challenges that CoreHealth has developed to improve mental well-being include:

MH ChallengesIn addition to the above challenges, these 3 Digital Change Behavior Programs were developed with the focus of mental health for participants:

MH digital programs

These are just a few solutions and resources that CoreHealth has developed, or you can just watch YouTube videos like this one about Zoom. Whatever gets you through now that there’s no new episodes of Tiger King.

Stay safe out there.

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