CoreHealth Values at Work... at Work (from home) Volume 2

Virtual and video capabilities have never been so vital to keeping connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Keeping Connected During a Pandemic 

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Zoom. GoToMeeting. FaceTime. Skype. These are just a few of the platforms we’re all leveraging in both our personal and professional lives right now to stay connected. I feel lucky because, as an employee of CoreHealth, I’ve been able to virtually connect with my co-workers every week via a virtual happy hour we instituted when we first went fully remote. I’d like to thank the entire Executive Team at CHT for giving us this time together and not just because it’s happy hour. It’s given me a chance to get to know everyone, even virtually, as I normally need my passport if I ever want to visit the office in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

A New Normal

The trend of virtual meetings is hardly new although it’s never been so endemic to business culture as it is today. COVID-19 has marshaled an irreversible change in how companies conduct business however. While I’ve worked at least partially from home since 2010, not everyone has had this option or wanted to take advantage of such a work environment. Businesses have had to adapt their strategy and HR policies, sometimes on the fly, as it related to flexible work schedules to accommodate a new normal. Only time will tell how many keep these newly adopted policies in place.

The Need for TeleHealth and Virtual Connection

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CoreHealth has been supporting virtual business practices for far longer than COVID-19 has been keeping us inside. Our coaching platform has an embedded, secure video connection that makes it possible for participants to interact with their coaches completely privately. However, video is not just for coaching!  We can support health systems as their practices necessarily shift to virtual appointments, support mental health providers with a new modality to interact with patients, or virtually anyone who wants to be able to see and speak to a participant completely securely.

As COVID has made some of these virtual enhancements necessary, CoreHealth stands ready to support our clients and prospective clients with both bespoke and turnkey solutions.

I’m proud of the work we’re doing to bring simple and effective solutions to the market. Stay safe out there!

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