Most Profound Quote I Heard at 2017 HERO Forum on Health & Well-Being

CoreHealth CEO Anne Marie Kirby attended the 2017 HERO Forum and heard an insightful quote from Dr. Tim Church of ACAP Health about the ROI of Wellness that truly put things in perspective.

One of the most profound statements I heard at the HERO conference came from Dr. Tim Church of ACAP Health.

"What is the ROI on employees’ prescriptions? Or a surgery for that matter?"

With biologics becoming the way of the future, I’m sure every CFO is already preparing to compare the cost of those drugs against the value of the employees’ work for those eligible to use them.

What, we don’t calculate ROI on our pharma plan? Or on our hospital bills? Why not?

Okay, that is just ridiculous. By why is it not also ridiculous to demand ROI on wellness programs? The hardest thing in the world to accurately measure is things that don’t happen.

Somehow safety programs have managed to get around this issue but wellness and climate change have not. I thought this quote from a recent CNN interview with Richard Branson was an interesting take on prevention as well:

Anne Marie Kirby, CoreHealth CEO

"The cost of rebuilding just the British Virgin Islands will be three or four billion dollars," Branson responded. "The cost of rebuilding Houston will be billions of dollars. If all that money could be invested in clean energy, in powering the world by the sun and by the wind, where we won't have to suffer these awful events in the future, how much better than having to patch up people's houses after they've been destroyed?"[1]

In the meantime, those of us in the wellness industry will continue to push forward, promoting logic, common sense while bringing long-term vision to the value of preventing health issues before they happen.

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