The Importance of Play at Work

Our Implementation Manager shares what he learned about Play at Work while attending the Welcoa National Training Summit. Play can boost employee engagement and overall corporate health.
I attended the Welcoa National Training Summit in Florida last week. The theme was Reframing Wellness on PurposeI was so inspired and couldn't wait to share his takeaways from the summit - specifically about the importance of play at work. When we play at work, we get to know our colleagues in a more relaxed, social way, which can evolve to friendships. Friendships are good for engagement and overall business. 


According to Gallup, close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%. People with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be fully engaged at work. And, as most of us know, friendships impact your overall health and wellness. It just makes business sense to incorporate play in your work day.

Play at Work Contributes to Corporate Wellness

Here are three ways to incorporate play into your meetings at work:Group of joyful excited business people throwing papers and having fun in office.jpeg
  • Ice-breakers - Elizabeth Cushing with Playworks provided this fun ice-breaker example:
    • Ask your colleagues a simple check-in question at the start of the meeting. (e.g. Who was your favorite childhood Rock Star band?)  
    • Asking a simple question like this can get your employees engaged for the meeting and co-workers get to know each other a little more.
  • Physical Activity - Sean Foy, Author and President of Win Today Wellness provided these suggestions to incorporate physical activity at work:
    • Find something quick and fun that everyone can do together in the office standing or sitting. It could be a simple stretch, a strengthening exercise or even cardio. You don’t even need any equipment or props.
    • For example, get everyone using an imaginary jump rope on their own and then have them partner up with someone else to do some partner rope jumping!
  • End with a Bang - Another Playworks idea is to end your meetings with a bang!
    • Before everyone gets ready to leave the meeting, why not end the meeting with style?
    • Engage your team in a cheer or have your team give one of the team members (perhaps someone who might be feeling tired or stressed, or someone that deserves some praise for a job well done) a "Whoosh Clap."

PlayWorks YouTube channel has lots of fun videos and ideas.


Anne Marie Kirby, CoreHealth's CEO and Craig Blumenthal, CoreHealth's Business Development Manager attended the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference immediately following the Training Summit. It was great to connect with so many wellness providers and customers, including Inspired Perspectives.


What did you learn at the summit and/or conference?  Tell us what got you excited!

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