Take Wellness Programs to the Next Level with Design Thinking

If your organization isn't incorporating design thinking into your wellness program design, you could be missing out. Read this post to learn what it is and how it can help.


With an aging demographic, higher stress levels, and the increased recognition and diagnoses of illnesses such as anxiety and depression, it’s no surprise that companies are investing more heavily in healthcare and wellness programs for their employees.

The Good News

As mentioned in a recent Design Thinking article by the Employee Benefits News, our CEO of CoreHealth Technologies Anne Marie Kirby says “to effectively change employee wellness, wellness program companies need to better understand the influences of the complex systems in which people work and live.”

The good news is that more organizations are aware of these negative influencing factors on employee well-being, performance, and productivity and are using employee wellness to help their workers.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a method of solving complex business problems by taking a human-centered approach with a focus on three main elements:

  1. PeopledesignThinking.png
  2. Business, and
  3. Technology

The vice president of design at Blackboard, an education software company, Jon Kolko said in an interview for Harvard Business Review, “This new approach is, in large part, a response to the increasing complexity of modern technology and modern business.” In supporting positive organizational health for employees, it also takes action to improve individual health.

Design thinking plays a critical role in creating effective health and wellbeing programs

Wellness Programs

While many more employers are offering health and wellbeing programs, most still remain without the strong execution that design thinking brings. There is an increased focus on wellbeing and behavioral economics, but a lack in effectiveness.

CoreHealth Network Partner and respected wellness industry leader Dr. Dee Edington of Edington Associates, believes design thinking is key to creating effective wellness programs. Edington’s book Shared Values-Shared Results, co-authored with Jennifer Pitts, says it’s essential that wellness stakeholders play a role in improving health and wellbeing in an organization.

Management needs to support positive organizational health.

Employees need to take action to improve individual health.

Wellness providers that adopt proven design thinking methodologies will lead the way to make their programs sustainable and effective.

Need Help Design Thinking Wellness?

The CoreHealth team, along with our network partners, can support you to better incorporate design thinking in your wellness programs. Download this Design Thinking and Wellness diagram to assist you with the process when developing health and wellbeing programs.

Design Thinking Roadmap

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