Spotlight on Wellness Sustainability

CoreHealth is a long-standing advocate for sustainability as demonstrated by its innovative business model and corporate wellness platform that has been powering health and wellness programs for 10+ years. CoreHealth will be attending the 41st Annual National Wellness Conference from June 27-29th  at the Saint Paul River Centre in beautiful downtown St. Paul, Minnesota


Our very own Well-Being Solution Sensei Craig Blumenthal will be attending this conference in his colorful neon shirt to:
  • Connect with Customers - CoreHealth works with a variety of organizations including wellness providers, insurers, employee assistance providers and other wellness-focused organizations. We look forward to seeing so many familiar faces.
  • Discover New Wellness Network Partners - CoreHealth is always looking for great wellness partners looking to promote their wellness innovations and ideas on the CoreHealth Wellness Network. Our partners gain global exposure (and revenue) through our all-in-one corporate wellness platform. Our partner HealthFeed, a content provider, will be attending too.
  • Meet New Connections - Wellness-driven organizations are always looking for innovative ways to engage employees and promote corporate wellness. This is our domain and always look forward to seeing who and how we can connect organizations.
  • Learn and Be Inspired - As leaders in wellness technology, CoreHealth is always looking for new wellness ideas and inspiration.  As we continue to learn, our corporate wellness platform continues to evolve giving customers new and innovative ways to deliver wellness programs. This is a great place to be inspired! 


Urban planners and architects around the world are linking the traditional notions of planning, including land use, transport, community facilities, housing, parks and open space, with health concerns such as physical activity, public safety, healthy eating, the natural environment and the mental health and wellness of citizens.

This conference will cover improving the quality of life in major regional cities, focusing on healthy, sustainable, resilient and livable cities and will provide a platform to discuss, collaborate and learn.

Lessons from around the world will be shared and explored.


If you want to join Craig and other fellow wellness experts, practitioners, and students at the 41st Annual National Wellness Conference, make plans to attend the premier conference for health and wellness professionals! Craig would love to meet you to 'talk shop' about wellness, technology and innovation.

Meet Craig at the Conference

The NWC will be sharing promising practices and evidence-based methods for establishing and sustaining a culture of wellness in workplaces, homes, and the world around us to enhance health and well-being for ourselves and future generations.


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