October 2016 Event: The Better Workplace Conference

A better workplace is a journey, not a destination. Over the past 19 years, the Better Workplace Conference has built and nurtured a community of professionals in the workplace. CoreHealth will be attending the 20th Annual Better Workplace Conference from October 25 - 26th in Vancouver, BC.

This is a topic near and dear to our heart as CoreHealth works with leading global employers and wellness providers to evolve their workplaces to be the best they can be to improve employee wellness. In fact, our wellness platform is powering Morneau Shepell's Getting To Your Gold health and wellness program that connects Canadian employees and Olympians to achieve personal success.


With the notion that 2016 will be the year to remember, a checklist of important topics for the conference include:

  • Removing barriers, unleashing potential, and raising awareness about accessibility, inclusion and potential of people with disabilities;
  • The power of community at work to build a healthier, happier, productive workforce;
  • The power of mindfulness for employees and organizations;
  • The future of engagement, performance, and culture as seen from new and high growth companies;
  • Transforming workplace culture through innovative workplace practices;
  • Financial health and the impact on mental well-being;

The 2016 conference will build on the momentum from previous years and celebrate past successes and inspire new ones.

Celebrating Workplaces of the Future


Our very own John Dyck and Katherine Warrendorf will be attending this conference to:

  • Connect with Customers - CoreHealth works with a variety of organizations including wellness providers, insurers and benefits brokersemployee assistance providers and other wellness-focused organizations. We look forward to seeing so many familiar faces.
  • Discover New Wellness Network Partners - CoreHealth is always looking for great wellness partners looking to promote their wellness innovations and ideas on the CoreHealth Wellness Network. Our partners gain global exposure (and revenue) through our all-in-one corporate wellness platform.
  • Meet New Connections - Organizations that are striving to deliver betterJohn Dyck workplaces are always looking for innovative ways to engage staff and promote employee wellness. This is our domain and always look forward to seeing who and how we can connect organizations.
  • Learn and Be Inspired - As leaders in wellness technology, CoreHealth is always looking for new wellness ideas and inspiration.  As we continue to learn, our corporate wellness platform continues to evolve giving customers new and innovative ways to deliver wellness programs. This is a great place to be inspired! 


If you want to join John and Katherine and 'talk shop' about employee wellness, wellness technology, wellness ROI, and innovation.

Meet John and Katherine at Conference

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BWC, a celebration of how to endorse change in the coming years to ensure that workplaces of the future are healthy and productive, and ensure that the people who make up the organizations are resilient, effective, and happy.


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