Mental Health is Critical for the Air Transport Industry

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Now more than ever, mental health support is critical for the air transport industry.

Research is showing how pilots and other aviation workers are struggling with mental health issues. Lived Experience and Wellbeing Project – a Trinity College Dublin hub that studies aviation worker well-being surveyed more than 2,000 aviation workers – mostly pilots, cabin crew, air traffic controllers, and engineers – in August 2020 and found they suffered more than the general population during the pandemic. A fifth of pilots and 58% of cabin reported moderate depression.


IATA Safety Conference: Bringing Together Key Leaders in the Aviation Industry


One group that recognizes the magnitude of this concern is the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This fall, IATA's Safety Conference is back with a new name and exclusive focus on the industry’s highest priority: Safety. Under the theme, “Emerging Stronger – Safely Transforming to a More Resilient Tomorrow” the Safety Conference is a forum to discuss and debate the industry’s safety and security agenda as the industry rebuilds operations and moves into full recovery and growth mode.

Mental Well-Being in the Workplace

At the conference, the stream Fit for Duty/Mental Health will focus on anxiety, stress, and depression experienced by aviation workers during COVID-19, creating potential safety hazards that cannot be overlooked. As we move to post COVID operations, a focus on assuring operational employees are “fit-for-duty” is more important than ever. The conference will focus on the unique challenges aviation employees face and explore best practices that can be used to protect their well-being and to assure continued safe operations. Josee

Josée Thibodeau , VP, People & Wellness at Carebook, has been invited to speak at the conference about programs to identify and manage mental health challenges, as well as the underlying factors organizations can address to mitigate psychosocial risks. Josee spent several years working for the Canada Medical Association (CMA) where she managed health portals to help individuals take control of their health and provided insights to employers and physicians on their populations' health trends. Now, she will be part of a panel with Boeing, Air Canada, our customers, as well as other key members of the industry.

For many years Carebook and its group of companies have been supporting global and national companies to assess employees’ health, empower them to manage their wellness, improve lifestyles, as well as gain meaningful insights that benefit both the company and its employees.

If you can attend the conference, we’ll see you there, otherwise, stay tuned to this blog as we continue to share mental health research, tips, and resources leading up to the event. 

Mental Health and Corporate Wellness Resources

Future Health and Well-being Trends 

Air Canada, a leader in corporate wellness, is a great mentor. To gain some insights on their approach, check out our Visionary Views on the Future of Wellness article where Anne Marie Kirby, Health Revolutionary and Managing Director at Carebook interviews key wellness visionaries, including Air Canada's own Sobora Duy, on their predictions for future health and well-being trends.

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