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This is the final Part 10 of a 10-part Must Have blog series on: Mobile/Devices and Technical Support 

Every industry has the unsung heroes. You know who I’m talking about; those folks who make the wheels of a business churn, but receive none of the glory.

With company wellness programs, it’s the coaches and administrators who are the proverbial heroes. But too often we forget the importance of those ninjas hiding in the shadows: the technical support team for your wellness software.


A good technical support team is about more than just answering your questions and incessantly suggesting you reboot your machine. They can be your lifeline in times of trouble and potentially save you a lot of money.

Consider for a moment the cost of hiring and training an IT professional with programming and coding skills. While both of these things are worthwhile investments, and also considered best practice, sometimes it’s simply not possible or in the budget for a growing corporate wellness company.

Having someone with the skill-set to provide impromptu training or sling code for you on the fly, can be the difference between ‘wowing’ your customer and leaving a sour taste in their mouth. It could be a simple situation where you need to convert a picture into a hyperlink, change the color of a site template or set up complex incentive programs. Your corporate wellness programs are only as good as the wellness software that helps you deliver them. Having an IT team ‘on call’ that can help you with this, will offer a financially viable option vs. hiring a coder in-house.

Or perhaps you’re trying to set up a corporate wellness challenge, and forgot how to configure the trackers for it. This is where a quick refresher training by support can be more cost effective and timely than paying for formalized training sessions.

On-the-fly training also allows you to provide immediate solutions, rather than waiting for your scheduled training session.


In addition to fanatical support, your wellness software should also be accessible from any desktop or device whether it’s via an app, responsive web designs or a combination of both – it’s a must! CoreHealth’s wellness software is accessible anywhere and we continue to invest in our responsive web portal designs.  Customers love the option of both and so do users.  Integration of your wellness software to wearables (e.g. FitBit) and devices is a no-brainer… users want the freedom to connect once and let software do the rest.


And speaking of immediate, in this age of instant gratification, you need to respond to your customers now with accurate answers and fast resolution. Another important factor to consider is the time-to-reply policies of the technical support staff for your wellness software. We’ve all experienced the strain of calling into a support line, only to be only hold for an hour or more. Frustrating!

Your customers expect fast resolution.
To ensure they stay customers, you need to deliver.


Finally, it’s important the technical support team is both pleasant to talk with and knowledgeable. You shouldn’t dread calling for help. If you feel like you’ll have a negative experience or get inaccurate information, you may delay your call potentially causing you to make errors. Likewise, if you expect a positive, fun and friendly experience, you’ll be inclined to make that call just to double-check that you’re on the right track.

When it comes to customer service from technical support, this is where CoreHealth Technologies shines. The friendly experience is prevalent in the job titles they’ve assigned themselves: Support Ninjas.

Everyone loves our Ninjas. They’re also fast and creative. A perfect description for the perfect example of what technical support should be to help you deliver the best company wellness programs.


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