Building a Resilient Workplace: Tips for Managing Employee Stress

Work stress has reached an all-time high. Manage your team's experience and culture with our 5 tips to help employees boost resilience and lower stress. 

Stressing the Importance of Mental Health Resilience

Globally, stress has reached an all-time high. A recent study finds that 44% of workers around the world feel "a lot of stress" on a daily basis. In North America, where stress is highest, that statistic rises to 50%. So while half of the North American workforce is struggling with stress,  many organizations are actively making improvements and offering support to help employees cope.

Taking Action

Helping employees develop resilience is an effective way to combat stress. The American Psychological Association defines resilience as "the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences." There are simple and effective ways to boost resilience, and organizations are taking action.

A whopping 96% of large US companies now offer telehealth, which often includes mental health counseling and support. Additionally, comprehensive, interactive workplace wellness programs have become the norm, since they're proven to improve healthy habits that are associated with greater resilience and lower stress: regular exercise, enough sleep, healthy diet, social health, and more. In fact, 47% of workers report valuing preventive care benefits like workplace wellness. 

5 Tips to Help Employees Boost Resilience and Lower Stress

In the infographic below, we share additional information and details about stress at work, and how to best support your workforce.

Stress and Well-being in the Workplace

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