Solano County Recognized for Employee Wellness Program Success

Solano County, a CoreHealth customer, was recently recognized by Kaiser Permanente's 2018 Wellness Ambassador awards program for their rockstar approach to employee wellness!

Located in California, Solano County takes a total worker health approach to wellness and prides themselves on offering a variety of options for employees to choose from. Recently their wellness program success was recognized by Kaiser Permanente's 2018 Wellness Ambassador awards program.

Making Workplace Wellness Accessible, Easy and Fun

Solano County is truly enthusiastic about all things health and wellness! Their success has recently been recognized by Kaiser Permanente's Wellness Cris Christensen, Kaiser representative (left and Lyta Hamm, Wellness Coordinator (right) from Solano CountyAmbassador awards program for CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) accounts. 

Kaiser Permanente’s Wellness Ambassador awards program was launched in 2018 to recognize those who have distinguished themselves in workforce health. There are over 1,400 agencies within CalPERS with various degrees of workforce health engagement. CalPERS Territory Managers were allowed to nominate a limited number of their agencies who met significant selection criteria.  Those nominations were then reviewed by an internal panel of neutral reviewers with expertise in workforce health, and five overall winners were selected with Solano County being one of them.

The awards are intended to acknowledge exemplary efforts to support and enhance employee well-being.  We are proud that Solano County was among one of the top 5 recipients receiving honorable mention for the work they are doing with their employees.  

Leading the Way with Holistic Wellness

As a leader in workplace wellness, Solano County has taken their employee wellness program to the next level by offering a holistic program for their 3,000 employees that includes: Kaiser Thrive Logo

  • CoreHealth MyWell mobile app for employees
  • Campaigns with MyWell site challenges, events and lunch and learns Wellness Solano County Logo
  • Onsite fitness classes and meet-ups and fitness club discounts 
  • Know Your Numbers - financial wellness program
  • Ergonomic Express - education and injury prevention program 
  • Wellness Ambassador program
  • Department specific wellness programs  
  • Flu Shot Clinics and Wellness Fairs 

Solano County LogoTo make this possible, Solano County works with many partners, including CoreHealth. CoreHealth's corporate wellness platform enabled Solano County to increase their wellness program capacity allowing them to: 

  • Increase the wellness program exposure and engagement throughout their many worksites.
  • Enhance their programs by allowing fully customizable wellness challenges to match their agency’s specific wellness goals.
  • Provide an attractive, easy-to-use tool for engaging more employees, providing health information and scheduling classes.
  • Offer the capability to target uniquely designed challenges to address the needs of an individual department.

As a proud partner of Solano County, CoreHealth would like to extend our congratulations to the Solano wellness team for being recognized as a leader in employee health and wellness. Keep up the good work!

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