Dr. Dee Edington Joins CoreHealth Technologies as an Advisor


Leading corporate wellness technology company announces new advisory board member Dr. Dee Edington - a world-renowned expert on wellness and health promotion.

Kelowna, BC and the United States (PRWEB) November 08, 2016- CoreHealth Technologies is pleased to announce that Dr. Dee Edington, Ph.D., the Founder of both Edington Associates and the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center, has joined its Advisory Board.

“It’s a real privilege to have Dr. Edington join CoreHealth as an advisor. His sage advice will help us continue to evolve our corporate wellness technology to readily respond to the ever-changing wellness industry. Dee is such a visionary and even after 37 years in wellness, he still continues to innovate and advance our industry. We look forward to Dee’s thought leadership and assistance in bringing more leading-edge products to life,” said Anne Marie Kirby, Founder and CEO of CoreHealth Technologies.

Dr. Edington has either authored or co-authored over 1,000 articles and presentations in the field of health and wellness and has written several books including his latest, Shared Values – Shared Results: Positive Organization Health as a Win-Win Philosophy, co-authored by Jennifer S. Pitts. He has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm over the years with many wellness professionals through a post-doctoral position he held at the University of Toronto, Canada and as an Emeritus Professor at the University of Michigan. He has received Career, Lifetime, or Prestigious Lecture Awards from many organizations from the American College of Preventive Medicine to Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) to the National Business Group on Health to name just a few. He has also received the State of Michigan Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In spite of all of these accomplishments, Dr. Edington continues to take an active role in helping organizations develop healthy and high performing workplaces. He runs a consulting business, Edington Associates, partakes in disruptive innovation with the covert Wellness Underground, and develops and delivers tools such as the resiliency program Life Skills for Success, powered by the CoreHealth platform, to improve the results of corporate well-being programs. He’s contributed to the movement of the culture of wellness, shifting from Return on Investment (ROI) to Value on Investment (VOI), and while working with Dr.Pitts has recently introduced Design and Systems Thinking to wellness.

During a recent visit to the CoreHealth head office in British Columbia, Dee uttered words that will likely become the next revolution in corporate wellness “organizations need to recognize the Value of Caring (VOC)”. Stay tuned for where VOC goes - we’ll likely hear lots about it soon.


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