Budget-Friendly Options from CoreHealth's Integrated Marketplace

Did you know there are FREE options offered by several partners from CoreHealth's Integrated Marketplace?

CoreHealth understands how important it is to offer variety in a corporate wellness program in order to maintain participant engagement. We also understand that developing programs such as financial wellness or mental health programs can take a significant level of resources and expertise to develop. CoreHealth's  Integrated Marketplace was created to help our customers bridge the gap in their programs to help meet the needs of their customers. It has now evolved to become the world's largest network of third-party, best-in-class health and wellness vendors that are all closely integrated with our well-being technology.

There are endless options to expand your health and well-being programs but you may not know that there are also FREE program options offered by several of our partners. 

Free Financial Wellness Portal BMM_LOGO_color

Best Money Moves, an award-winning financialbest-money-moves---ask-expert-1 wellness platform, is offering a FREE financial wellness portal. This platform is supported by artificial intelligence to provide personalized guidance plus access to tools, benefits, and products that help employees (and their family members) make smarter financial decisions. Best Money Move's highly configurable, customizable, and brandable, BMM Premium serves as the “hub,” or portal, for a company’s financial wellness benefits, including: Notably, the portal site has sponsored links. 

Free Personalized Mental Health Report ConnectedMind_logo long

Connected Mind is a FREE and completely anonymous mental health screening tool for use by your employees.connected mind mental health Acting like a fishing net, Connected Mind helps to ensure those who are suffering from a mental health condition do not slip through the cracks. Mental health conditions are costing your company money, absenteeism, and employee engagement. People of all ages, genders, economic classes, and ethnicity are affected by mental health and the reality is many people don’t realize that underlying mental health might be negatively impacting them.

To counteract the effects of mental health, Connected Mind's mental health assessment provides users with a PDF personalized report of their assessment, validated by mental health professionals at the University of Texas. If desired, additional aggregate data can be collected alongside the free program for a fee.

Engaging Wellness Education Without the Monthly MinimumThe Big Know logo

The Big Know's modern learning platform and cinematic content is now available as a FREE podcast series embedded directly onto the platform via iFrame. WithThe Big Know devices over 1.4 million learners and a  95% satisfaction rate, The Big Know's powerful learning software has lasting behavioral change impacts. Working alongside leading health organizations such as UHG, Limeade and Walmart Wellness, The Big Know increases employee awareness of health benefits and programs, and scale digital member engagement.

Joining The Big Know platform is now easier then ever as their services no longer requires a monthly minimum. To increase engagement, The Big Know has developed Netflix-inspired learning software in their cinematic video courses that can be added to your platform for a fee.

Free Branded Link to Health Devices Store?iredeem health services

iRedeemHealth is the industry leader in health and wellness distribution, providing the finest brands ofiredeem-health-services fitness and wellness products at highly competitive prices. Adding a branded link on the customer site linking to health devices store is now available for FREE making it easier than ever to integrate your wellness devices.

How the Integrated Marketplace Benefits You

CoreHealth's integrated marketplace partners are wellness visionaries that provide a variety of content, programs and components all accessed through the CoreHealth platform for a fun and engaging user experience. 

“I’ve been exploring creative ways to get our customers free content. I recognize that budgets are tight for some industries right now, and I wanted to address that.” says John Dyck, CoreHealth's Account Manager. "As integration experts, we'll work with you to provide a seamless end-user experience with unlimited configurations."

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Please note: CoreHealth charges a one-time set-up fee for SSO integrations with our Integrated Marketplace partners.

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