5 Healthy Living Tips I Learned from Lucky the Office Dog


You can learn a lot from a dog. They are such loyal companions that put a smile on most people’s faces simply by being present. Thus the reason why so many people have dogs - they simply make you happy!

For those of you fortunate enough to work at an organization that allows dogs in the office, you know what I mean. An office dog has a talent for boosting employee morale and spreading joy. Until just this past week, we had two office dogs at CoreHealth. It’s sad to say that one of our office dogs, Lucky, went to doggy heaven a week ago and you can’t help but feel sad.


Lucky with a Smile

Lucky was a great old gal (over 16 years old!) who lived a long, wonderful life. She was loved and adored by her owner Trevor (our IT and Implementation guru) and everyone in the office. Many of us have treats in our desks for those days when Lucky or Tank (our other office dog) pay us a visit.

Since we are a wellness technology company, I think it’s rather fitting that we take a moment to recognize the healthy living tips we learned from Lucky (and Tank). So, this is a tribute to her and the great example she set.

We will always remember you Lucky!

Thanks to Lucky (and Tank) for reminding us what health and wellness looks like.


  1. Exercise – You’ve been to the park and have seen some crazy smiling dog running around – just happy to be moving and active. Perhaps they are running after a Frisbee or simply enjoying the freedom of letting loose, smelling the flowers and enjoying nature. Dogs were born to run…. So are we (ideally surrounded by the outdoors) – don’t forget it.Family having fun running after the dog
  2. Sleep – As Lucky got older, she slept a lot more which is to be expected. Most of us don’t really listen to our bodies and take the time we need to rest and recharge. In her last few days, Lucky slept a lot but still had some spring in her step to visit everyone and go for her regular outings with Trevor.  Dogs naturally listen to their bodies and sleep when they need to – we humans need to do the same.
  3. Friends – Dogs are such loyal companions. Lucky was Trevor’s shadow. You didn’t see one without the other. You could tell there was a special bond that connected them. Dogs give you love and companionship – we humans need that too.
  4. Be Present / Mindful – Dogs seem to have an incredible ability to find the positive in most anything. They are happy to ‘just be’. Lucky was always happiest when she was with Trevor. Dogs seem to be mindful, present and relish ‘living in the moment’. I don’t know about you, I feel this is a lesson we can especially learn from dogs. In this crazy life of technology and living the rat race, it’s hard to slow down, remain positive and be mindful. Humans need time to be calm and tune in and ‘just be’.
  5. Purpose in Life – Dogs seem to innately know their purpose in life. Some dogs naturally know they are herders, hunters, show dogs or lap dogs. Every dog has their own purpose in life. I wish it was so simple for humans but if we are truthful with ourselves, we all know we have a purpose in life…. sometimes we just don’t know what that is. It’s not as obvious to many and some may never feel they know what their purpose in life is, but you can’t stop searching for it.

That purpose is what makes you happy and gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. Oftentimes, people are most happy when they are helping others or surrounded by the people they love. The purpose in life is different for everyone – but it’s ‘your’ purpose. Lucky’s purpose in life was to be the best darn friend to Trevor and a friendly face at the office – with that said, you can tell that Lucky found her purpose in life.

Thanks Lucky for setting such a great example of healthy living – you wouldn’t have lived such a long life without it. I’m sure you have found some wonderful furry-friends in heaven. Enjoy!

Lucky, we hope you meet many new furry friends in heaven.

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Cindy Danielson is an animal lover and the Marketing Maverick at CoreHealth Technologies – the #1 all-in-one corporate wellness platform trusted by corporate wellness providers around the globe.