Wellcoaches and CoreHealth Technologies Unleash The Power Of Habits

New habits course designed to help everyone coach themselves to prevent burnout, foster emotional balance and become a transformational leader.

As distributed via press release on June 20, 2018.

BOSTON, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Wellcoaches announced a partnership with CoreHealth Technologies to deliver wellcoacheshabits©, an e-course focused on habits, the simplest and smallest unit of behavior and mindset that improves your performance and well-being. 

Habit-making is how you take care of your future todayMargaret Moore_Coach Meg_Wellcoaches
– Coach Meg, Founder and CEO of Wellcoaches

The healthcare industry is struggling with unaffordable costs, burnout, and lifestyle-related disease epidemics, driving disruptive change as far as the eye can see. Wellcoaches, having trained more than 10,000 health professionals as coaches, and CoreHealth Technologies, a leading corporate wellness platform trusted by wellness providers to power their health and wellbeing programs for 2+ million employees worldwide, understand how coaching habits transform health professionals and those they serve. Together, they will deliver to everyone in healthcare the keystone habits that enable positive change and thriving in a patient-centered coaching culture where everyone grows together. Packages are also available for corporate wellness programs.

To be sustained, a habit needs regular practice plus a good dose of both motivation and confidence. Habits become strong and automatic with repetition. A powerful habit which starts a chain reaction that transforms other habits and changes the game. It delivers early wins and unlocks hope in the possibility of change. Keystone habits are so powerful that they not only change us but the culture around us when we engage in them together.

The course's habits collections focus on: Coaching, Behavior Change, Emotional Balance, Burnout Prevention, and Transformational Leadership. Each habit (70+ habits to choose from) comes with creative and science-based videos; options for reminders via text and email; and, habits tracker to measure and celebrate progress.

Each module has been valuable but this one has particular meaning for me right now. I am deeply grateful for it.  Finding positive in my negative emotions has increased my gratitude. There has been much purpose and discovery. – Cindy, wellcoacheshabits© student

"We are very excited that our technology enabled Wellcoaches to develop and power this new habits Wellcoacheshabits Collectionsprogram. We continue to evolve our platform to be the most flexible and configurable on the market to support leading providers like Wellcoaches to help them turn their vision into reality," says Anne Marie Kirby, CEO of CoreHealth Technologies. "In addition to being the technology behind the program, we also look forward to offering wellcoacheshabits to our customers to support participants in developing healthy habits."

This new partnership serves as a continued commitment by both companies to support people in their journey to live healthy and well.

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