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Webinar: Yaypo5 - Exercise Videos You Can Do At Your Desk

Sep 28, 2017

Did you miss the latest webinar featuring Yaypo? No worries! For those that couldn’t or for those that did and wish to share the content please find the recording here:

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Fitness Convenience

Yaypo's fitness product, Yaypo5 is professionally created employee exercise videos that allow you to get a interval based workout anytime, anywhere. 

As a reminder based low impact wellness program it's designed to add light activity to your workday without altering your existing routine. Studies show, there are several very important times of our day where we experience lulls in productivity and energy levels. Also, statistics show that over 80% of working Americans sit more than 8 hours a day, dramatically increasing their chances of several serious health related issues. Yaypo5 directly addresses the need for all of us to add active breaks to our workday.Yaypo5


Most of their fitness videos require no equipment. All you need is about 5 feet by 5 feet of space and an internet connection. You don’t need to worry about DVD’s or anything.


Designed to add light physical movement to workday. No advertising. Just professionally produced 5 minute videos by licensed instructors.


Our videos are created by professionally licensed fitness instructors in a distraction free setting and without music…so you can listen to the music you like.


About CoreHealth Technologies


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Andrea McLeod

Written by Andrea McLeod

Andrea McLeod is CoreHealth's Sales and Marketing Magician who appreciates and promotes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

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