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Webinar: Mental Well-being in the Workplace with MindQ

Aug 28, 2017

Did you miss the latest webinar featuring MindQ – mental well-being in the workplace? No worries! For those that couldn’t or for those that did and wish to share the content please find the recording here:

Watch MindQ Webinar Now!

MindQ’s Mental Wellness Assessment measures those areas of mental health and well-being that are the most impactful on health and workplace effectiveness criteria such as productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Three distinct areas of mental well-being are assessed:

1. Life Satisfaction:

Measures general well-being areas of Life Satisfaction including personal fulfillment, job satisfaction and financial well-being.

2. Resilience:

Identifies participant stress coping profiles and brings awareness to more effective strategies to help build levels of resilience.

3. Emotional Health: 

Evaluates low, intermediate, and high levels of risk for anxiety and depression.

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Andrea McLeod

Written by Andrea McLeod

Andrea McLeod is CoreHealth's Sales and Marketing Magician who appreciates and promotes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

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