University of Michigan Health Management Research Center Closing

CoreHealth has been recently informed that the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center (HMRC) will be closing its doors as of December 31, 2016.

 This means that the University's Health Risk Assessment, the most scientifically validated HRA in the field and the only one measured and validated against the gold standard of medical claims, will no longer be supported by HMRC.

Do you Need an HRA?

While the future of this HRA is unclear, their customers will be notified by the HMRC. If you are an HRA client and would like to speak with CoreHealth about our other HRA best-in-class providers including Intervent or Health Designs, both of which are available as an add-on to our corporate wellness platform, please contact us.

Contact CoreHealth

Until further notice, CoreHealth will continue to offer the University's HRA, a partner on the CoreHealth wellness network, via our platform.

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