Rouxbe Online Culinary School Brings Culinary Rx to CoreHealth

CoreHealth and Rouxbe Online Culinary School partner to help people plan, cook and eat healthier through Rouxbe's online cooking and nutrition course. A great addition to any employee wellness program!

VANCOUVER, October 3, 2017 - Rouxbe Online Culinary School is pleased to join CoreHealth Technologies' growing list of corporate wellness providers as a Network Partner. Founded in 2005, Rouxbe is the world’s leading online culinary school serving nearly 400,000 students of all abilities to become better, more confident – even healthier – cooks in kitchens around the world. Rouxbe trains home cooks, healthcare providers and their patients, culinary students, and professional cooks in more than 180 countries.

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Developed in 2015, Culinary Rx is an online cooking and nutrition course that empowers employees through their transition to a more health-supportive diet and lifestyle. With 96 instructional technique videos and more than 78 recipes, this interactive chef-supported course provides students with the tools and resources to cook healthy and delicious food with confidence. More impactful than an onsite chef demonstration, this self-paced program is delivered 100% online and available 24/7, ideal for organizations with multiple locations.

“With CoreHealth’s dedication to bringing innovative solutions to their customers and Rouxbe’s scalable and cost-effective culinary platform, it is a perfect match,” says Gary Apito, Chief Operating Officer for Rouxbe. “Together we will offer employers with a culinary wellness resource for their employees to take charge of their life through food and cooking.”

With thousands of course graduates, Culinary Rx is proving to be effective at changing student’s behavior around health and wellness. Upon graduating, 99% of students said they would recommend the course, 92% gained confidence in their cooking ability, 88% are now more motivated to adopt better overall healthier habits and 58% reported losing weight during the course.

“Our customers, who are global wellness providers, are always looking for unique and innovative wellness resources that help improve employee health,” says Anne Marie Kirby, CoreHealth Founder & CEO. “We are excited that Rouxbe has joined our network of third-party wellness partners as they help people learn to cook healthy and on their own schedule - a common challenge for most everyone these days. Since our systems are integrated, it’s easy for employees to login to our platform and get started right away.”

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Rouxbe's online cooking and nutrition course is now accessible via CoreHealth's corporate wellness software. Add it today and help employees cook healthy.

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About Rouxbe's Wellness Program

Rouxbe provides wellness and health programming for individuals, health care providers and organizations. Their revolutionary online platform delivers cutting edge e-learning solutions that drive and measure learning outcomes and engagement while providing effective, lower-cost alternatives for teaching people the fundamentals of cooking as part of a preventative health strategy. 

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