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YOO Fitness Partners with CoreHealth to Bring Affordable Fitness Tracking to Millions

Nov 13, 2018

Taking aim at high-priced fitness wearables, new partnership reduces the cost of devices for CoreHealth customers across their corporate wellness platform

As distributed via press release on November 13th, 2018.  

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. YOO Fitness is pleased to announce a new partnership with CoreHealth Technologies, a leading wellness technology company, to introduce truly affordable fitness wearables to CoreHealth's customers on their workplace wellness platform for over 3 million users globally. CoreHealth customers, and their employees and dependents participating in wellness programs, will have access to a full range of YOO Fitness devices designed to support budgets of all sizes. 

Increasing Employee Engagement with Wearable Devices 

By joining CoreHealth's network of third-party, best-in-class vendors YOO Fitness is now able to bring an unprecedented level of value and affordability to organizations that otherwise would not be able to support wellness programs and challenges that utilize activity trackers. YOO Fitness' devices are manufactured in-house to ensure quality, consistency and maintain costs and can be branded to include client logos.

Wellness providers around the world use CoreHealth's platform to design and administer their wellness programs for corporate workforces and include: corporate wellness companies, insurers, health coaching companies, employee assistance providers, group benefits brokers, HR consulting forms and health

"We are acutely aware of the financial constraints that devices present to companies trying to launch a new wellness initiative or attempting to scale an existing one. Our ability to bring costs down for our partner's means more people can participate," said Dan Kinsbourne, CEO of YOO Fitness.

YOO Fitness devices vary in technology, features and price. This allows clients to choose from multiple product options to suit their organizational needs. In addressing this point Kinsbourne said, "CoreHealth's customer-base is broad and diverse so device needs will be as well. We have clients that require devices to be wrist-worn while others like the waist-clip style or something more subtle. Some groups seek more technology and some prefer less. Our approach is to anticipate those needs and have solutions ready and waiting." 

"CoreHealth is always looking to expand our network of wellness partners to provide value-add options for our customers to deliver to their corporate clients," says Anne Marie Kirby, CEO and Founder of CoreHealth Technologies. "Fitness devices are an essential component to wellness program engagement and popular amongst employees. YOO Fitness offers an affordable way to include wearable devices in all shapes and sizes. We are excited to partner with them."

YOO Fitness is the newest vendor to join CoreHealth’s network of third-party, best-in-class wellness vendors.   

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About YOO Fitness

YOO Fitness designs, manufactures and distributes affordable activity trackers, Bluetooth Smart wristbands and pedometers specifically for health and wellness organizations. YOO wearables leverage gamification techniques to engage users in challenges designed to lead to long-term behavior-change.  On the YOO+ app individuals can play the YOO Challenge where an active version of the user competes against their inactive-self. In the contest the New YOO is awarded points when you achieve your daily goal. The Old YOO however earns points when you miss that same goal. The result is an ongoing fitness race against yourself. Achieving and maintaining permanent lifestyle changes requires a daily commitment and YOO Fitness is dedicated to raising awareness to this struggle between our better and worse versions of ourselves. For more information, visit

About CoreHealth Technologies

CoreHealth Technologies Inc. is the leading corporate wellness platform trusted by more than 1000 organizations, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. At CoreHealth, we believe that developing the best employee wellness programs is all about giving wellness companies the right code, design and access to the latest innovations. With the most customization, integrations and reliability of any software in its class, CoreHealth's powerful platform lets users focus on growing great companies. For more information, visit the CoreHealth website.

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