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Dr. Tyler Amell New Board Member with National Wellness Institute

Nov 4, 2019

Internationally recognized workplace health and productivity thought leader and CoreHealth Chief Medical and Relationship Officer Dr. Tyler Amell joins National Wellness Institute (NWI) Board or Directors.

The following press release was originally distributed by the National Wellness Institute on November 4, 2019. 

National Wellness Institute Names New Officers and Board Members

STEVENS POINT, WI, November 4, 2019 —   The National Wellness Institute (NWI) Board of Directors selected Brian Schroeder as its president-elect and Stacey Krawczyk as its secretary during NWI’s 2019 annual Board of Directors meeting, held in conjunction with the National Wellness Conference in Orlando, Fla. Linda Howard, JD, continues her term as board president.

In addition, the following individuals are the newest members to join the NWI Board:National Wellness Institute logo

“The expertise and knowledge base we have within the makeup of NWI allows us to drive our mission to the next level,” Howard says. “We are expanding our offerings, adding resources, and building new bridges. With the selection of our newest officers and members of the board, the National Wellness Institute can expand its efforts as the worldwide voice of the wellness community.”

Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Preventia Group, and the current treasurer of NWI’s board. “Thanks to the leadership of Linda Howard, NWI is in a great position to be a key leader for the $4.2 trillion wellness industry," he shares. "I am excited to work alongside Linda for the next year as President-elect. We will continue to build our community across the globe and ensure our industry has a focus on inclusive, whole-person wellness standards and competencies.”

Krawczyk is new to the NWI Board of Directors and took a leadership role early on in her tenure by becoming the NWI Board secretary. She is the president and founder of FoodWell Strategies, based in Kalamazoo, Mich.“The evolution we are seeing in wellness today requires that NWI also evolve," she states. "It is an exciting time to be part of this innovation in our industry by re-imagining wellness in ways that help each individual thrive personally and professionally.”

For images of the National Wellness Institute board officers, click here.

About the National Wellness Institute

Since 1977, the National Wellness Institute (NWI) has been the worldwide voice of the wellness community. NWI enriches the lives and careers of wellness professionals by serving as the global professional network for connecting all disciplines of wellness, providing education and training that promotes life-long learning, and identifying and representing inclusive, whole-person, professional standards and competencies.

Learn More About the NWI

To learn more about the National Wellness Institute and each new member of the NWI Board of Directors at contact or 715-342-2969.

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