International Women’s Day 2023 – Why it Impacts Employee Wellness

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, an opportunity to raise awareness of women’s needs and contributions, and take more action toward supporting women within our sphere of influence and around the world. This year’s campaign theme is #EmbraceEquity. As a global digital wellness company, we have seen the rise of awareness around women’s health and DEI and the desire from employers and employees alike to improve the resources allotted to improving DEI, including women’s needs, within organizations.

Equity, Inclusion, and Well-being at Work

The impact of poor inclusion policies and practices in the workplace on overall employee health and well-being, specifically impacting women, has never been more clear. Similarly, movements in the last few years have brought significant changes to the way many of us view equity and diversity, and have made positive changes to the ways women are supported in the workplace. 

One of the goals of International Women’s Day is “to forge inclusive work cultures where women’s careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated.” (Source) Offering policies such as flexible work hours and hybrid or remote work allow women, who take on the majority of domestic responsibilities, to fulfill both their work responsibilities and those related to their personal lives. After all, more than 75% of caregivers (for children, aging relatives, etc.) are female. Offering flexible work arrangements may simply be the right thing to do, and in many cases, it makes business sense too: ambitious female workers are looking for a flexible work structure, and will quit if their needs aren’t met in an appropriate and sustainable way.

Culture of Inclusivity Supports More Successful Workforces

Creating an equitable and inclusive workplace is intertwined with many of the basic dimensions of health, such as mental and physical well-being. For example, recent research shows a correlation between inclusive workplaces and job satisfaction. The study found that, of all respondents who reported working in an inclusive workplace, 81% also reported higher job satisfaction. “In an inclusive work environment, employees are comfortable sharing their perspectives freely and believe that their colleagues value their contributions. They exhibit less stress and anxiety and are about twice as likely to have a good friend at work and say they have a positive work-like balance.” (Source) This type of work environment should be the norm, but evidence proves this is not the case - yet. There are steps leaders can take to improve organizational culture and, in turn, improve their business outcomes as well.

It’s now commonly understood that workplace wellness programs promote healthier, happier employees who are more likely to remain loyal to an organization, lowering turnover and improving morale, among other important benchmarks. But often a major approach to this type of workplace culture is overlooked: equity and inclusiveness, including programs and policies that support women and their unique needs. This type of inclusive programming can help in many of the same areas related to overall wellness. In fact, a holistic approach to improving population health and well-being, such as in comprehensive workplace wellness programs, can be an effective avenue for implementing DEI awareness programming.

Women’s equity and inclusion is, and always should be, a priority. On International Women’s Day 2023, we encourage employers to reflect on resources they have today so they can provide better support in the future.

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