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CoreHealth Health Podcast - Episode 1 with Sarah Jackson

Sep 20, 2017

Growing weary of your workout playlist? Try a CoreHealth health podcast. In this episode, CoreHealth interviews Sarah Jackson, the first woman to finish the Trans Canada Trail.

Every 4 months our very own Jeff Goreski and John Dyck will be recording a podcast, aptly named the Jeff and John Podcast, or the John and Jeff Podcast depending on who you ask! Expect a few laughs along the way and to walk away from each episode a little wiser on trending health topics and wellness news.

Listen to Podcast #1 with Sarah Jackson:

For their first episode Jeff and John interviewed Sarah Jackson, the first woman to finish the Trans Canada Trail – an impressive feat! For those of you that don’t know, the cross-Canada trek from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland covers 12,000 klm and is no walk in the park. 

In case you missed it here is an overview of their discussion and questions.  

The Latest in Wellness News

A 2012 study done in Alberta concluded that an estimated total proportion of cancer cases in 2012 could be attributed to a set of 24 modifiable lifestyle and environmental risk factors. The largest proportion of cancers were estimated to be attributable to tobacco smoking, physical inactivity and excess body weight.

Interview Questions with Sarah Jackson – the 1st Woman to Hike the Trans Canada Trail

  1. Did you do anything special to train for this Trans Canada adventure?Sarah Jackson
  2. What did your diet primarily consist of on the trail?  Was there any strategy for what types of foods you ate (high in fat, carbs, etc.)?
  3. Did you do any stretching at the start/end of your day on the hike?
  4. How much water did you drink each day?
  5. How many km’s on average did you hike every day? (or approx. hours per day)
  6. Did you listen to music while you were hiking or hike in silence? If music, what songs/artists did you listen to the most?
  7. Was there ever any point that you wanted to quit or give up? If so, what happened?
  8. If you could have brought one celebrity along with you on the trek, who would it be and why?
  9. On the trail, if you had to choose between eating worms or beetles to avoid starvation which would you choose? Why?
  10. Take us through a typical day on the trail spiritually/emotionally…How do you think you grew (as an individual) from this experience?
  11. Did you sustain any injuries during the trek? What impact did they have and how did you work around it?
  12. Did you have any interesting animal encounters during the trek?
  13. What would you tell other aspiring athletes who are considering some sort of extreme undertaking?
  14. Do you have any plans currently for another long trek? If so, where? If not, where do you think you would like to go next?
  15. If people would like to learn more about your journey, where can they go?

Cross Canada Trail.png

Learn More about Sarah Jackson's Journey

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Future Podcasts

As Jeff and John continue to explore hot new topics in the health and wellness industry, be sure to watch for new recordings posted under the resources section of the CoreHealth website here.

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John Dyck

Written by John Dyck

John is an Account Manager at CoreHealth responsible for customer relationships and satisfaction. He has over 10 years’ experience in leadership roles.

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