CoreHealth Appoints Myron Rosvick, Ph.D


Wellness technology company CoreHealth, welcomes Myron Rosvick to our development team. Myron's knowledge in both technology and the healthcare industry will be a tremendous asset to our team.


Myron has held various positions and worked on a variety of complex computer projects throughout his career. As a Ph.D. student, Myron was responsible for collecting and analyzing data from the OPAL experiment at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. He developed software that was used to analyze the research data from a Large Electron-Positron Collider detector for presentation to the international particle physics community.

Myron also spent time building a database for quality control for the University of BC’s high energy physics group’s contribution to the LHC ATLAS detector construction project, TRIUMF. As part of his responsibilities, he managed working relationships with groups across Germany, Russia and Canada. 

As that isn’t enough, Myron fine-tuned his enterprise and secure development skills working in the Healthcare industry. He spent a number of years developing Software Development Kits to assist ISVs in bundling the business logic for a hospital resource scheduling tool. Now he’s looking forward to contributing his expertise to the leading corporate wellness platform.

When Myron isn’t stretching his mind, he’s stretching his fingers on his bass guitar in a band called Paisley Groove. 

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