Wellness Provider Finds Their Competitive Advantage

Pennsylvania wellness provider WellNow help clients improve employee health and better manage healthcare costs with the help of analytics-enabled wellness technology to drive results.

CoreHealth's corporate wellness platform is used by leading wellness providers around the world who are looking to provide results for the clients they serve - plus, gain an advantage over their competitors. WellNow is a CoreHealth customer achieving amazing results.


WellNow, a wellness provider based in Pennsylvania, provides wellness programs to mid-sized business through to large-scale enterprises, helping clients to improve employee health and better manage healthcare costs.

Michael Rosenfeld, President of WellNow, recognized he needed to dig deeper into program results to analyze success, provide more value to clients and, ultimately, win more contracts.


WellNow needed a system to empower their clients to understand the impact of their wellness programs and increase return on investment. Their existing technology couldn't keep pace and they were at risk of losing business to competitors.

The Goal:  Harness smart technology to transform health and change lives.


WellNow identified a long comprehensive checklist of requirements - and even considered building the technology themselves as they started down this evaluation process.

Requirements included:

  • Data Analytics - Access to accurate, real-time data
  • Easy to Tailor - Technology that the WellNow staff could customize and design
  • Engaging User Experience - A rich, visually appealing user interface

After an extensive search and vendor evaluation, they selected the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.

Within a month, WellNow had implemented the CoreHealth platform.


Within a month, WellNow had an analytics-enabled platform that gave them the ability to engineer the kind of programs they envisioned and deliver the kind of performance they needed... by demonstrating results, showing impact on productivity and healthcare costs, and achieving a competitive advantage.


Read the full WellNow Case Study for further detail about their challenges and success.

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