7 Top Health Assessment Resources for Better Employee Wellness Programs

Feb 27, 2018

The wellness industry is complex and the most effective employee wellness programs find the sweet spot where science and technology meet the human touch. This is where behavior change happens.

Getting there takes a top-notch health assessment partner who uses a scientific, evidence-based approach to gain a deeper understanding into employee health status, level of risk and readiness to change.Closeup portrait executive man, business person, worker listening to his heart with stethoscope looking up isolated yellow background. Preventive medicine, financial condition concept. Face expression.jpeg

The importance of identifying at-risk employees early can’t be overstated. It presents a huge opportunity to equip the employees who need it most with actionable information for improving their health. This ultimately helps employers achieve reduced healthcare costs and a greater ROI from their wellness program.

We’ve compiled the following list of 7 companies, in alphabetical order, who are best-in-class at using technology to deliver innovative online health assessment questionnaires and data-driven solutions that guide users toward healthier outcomes and lead to a better bottom line for the employer.

1. INTERVENT: Better Health for Better Life™

INTERVENT is dedicated to lifestyle management and chronic disease risk reduction. A CoreHealth Wellness Partner, they have developed evidence-based, outcomes-oriented programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases. 

Intervent Logo.png

Their comprehensive health risk assessment (HRA) utilizes a series of questions to gather information about lifestyle habits, health history, lab results and other relevant factors to determine health status and risk level for multiple chronic conditions. 

INTERVENT takes participants from awareness to knowledge to motivation with recommendations to help them optimize their health by leading a healthier lifestyle and taking other appropriate preventive actions.

2. Know Your Number®: The Key to Proactive Good Health

KnowYourNumber Logo.jpg

Know Your Number® provides a multi-dimensional health risk assessment (HRA) that educates individuals and population health organizations on how risk factors impact overall health.

Driven by a powerful, patented technology, Know Your Number® approaches HRAs from a scientific, disease-specific perspective, paying attention to those risk factors that can be improved by lifestyle changes. 

Know Your Number® utilizes clinically-based health assessment models that proactively assess the likelihood that individuals will develop a chronic, preventable disease.

Individuals who are most likely to benefit from preventative health initiatives and intervention are identified and engaged early.

Users are presented with personalized tools and resources that focus on prevention, risk-reduction and goal setting to achieve healthier outcomes.

3. MindQ Mental Health Assessment: Incorporating Mental Health and Well-Being for Total Health

MindQ, a CoreHealth Wellness Partner, emphasizes the need for employee wellnessprograms to evolve from focusing on just physical health to total health. To be effective, mental health and well-being risk factors need to be included in the overall health assessment. 

Mind Q Logo.pngIntended to help employers maximize the effectiveness and utilization of existing programs, MindQ’s health assessment evaluates the following 3 areas of mental well-being and recommends strategies, tools and resources for addressing specific issues:

  • Life Satisfaction: Measures personal fulfillment, job satisfaction, and financial well-being.
  • Resilience: Identifies the user’s skill level for coping with stress and brings awareness of effective strategies for increasing resilience.
  • Emotional Health: Evaluates low, intermediate, and high levels of risk for anxiety and depression.

If left unaddressed, underlying mental health and well-being issues may impact overall health, not to mention workplace effectiveness criteria such as productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism.  

4. Pro-Change Improving Wellbeing with the Science of Change 

Leveraging best practices in behavior change, rigorous data analytics, and innovative technology, Pro-Change’s individually tailored and interactive behavior change solutions address 11 behaviors to promote optimal health and well-being. 2018-Pro-Change-logox250 (002).png

Designed to maximize individual well-being, reduce health care costs, and increase productivity, Pro-Change’s cost-effective health and well-being solutions excel due to a foundation in leading theories of health behavior change and a strong evidence-base.

  • NCQA WHP Certification -health appraisal and self-management programs meet the highest ncqa-health-appraisals.pngstandards in quality and are most likely to deliver on employers’ priorities, including improving workforce health, increasing productivity, and reducing absenteeism.
  • URAC Award-winning Programs - strong theoretical  foundation that meet the needs of all participants, ready to change or not.
  • Robust Tailoring Technology - flexible software platform that allows delivery in multiple channels including coaching. URAC.png
  • Unparalleled Evidence Base - individually tailored behavior change tools leverage best practices in behavior change science and are based on statistical decision-making.
  • Innovative Approach - simultaneously intervene on multiple behaviors.
  • Proven Ability to Deliver - results with 26%-73% of participants adopting targeted behaviors.

Pro-Change is also a CoreHealth Wellness Partner - their assessment is seamlessly accessible via the CoreHealth wellness portal.

5. University of Michigan Health Management Research Center (HMRC): Good Wellness Strategies Start with the Right Data 

Developed by the University of Michigan’s Health Management Research Center (HMRC), in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this health risk assessment (HRA) delivers predictive, credible and evidence-based analytics about:  

  • Physical and mental healthUofM-Logo-HRA.png
  • Health risk and status
  • Compliance and preventative services

A true pioneer in the area of health measurement products and analysis service, HRMC is a CoreHealth Wellness Partner whose work helped establish the scientific foundation for the field of wellness.

It is the most scientifically validated HRA tool in the field and the only one measured and validated against the gold standard of medical claims.

After 35 years of contributions to the development and advancement of the wellness industry, the University closed the HMRC as of December 31, 2016; however, CoreHealth and the University of Michigan have an agreement to continue offering their HRA via the CoreHealth platform.

6. Wellness Checkpoint®: Engages, Guides and Encourages Users to Take Ownership of Their Health

Using a comprehensive questionnaire, Wellness Checkpoint® guides users through a dynamically tailored, respectful and confidential health assessment which considers their lifestyle, health status, work and life outside of work. Wellness checkpoint logo.jpg

Upon completion of the health assessment questions, users receive a Wellness Risk Score which is an indicator of relative health risk. They receive tailored messaging and actionable information on coaching and resources specific to their areas of risk.

This snapshot of their health helps them understand how their lifestyle choices influence both current and future health and proactively guides them toward behavior modifications they can begin making today.

Wellness Checkpoint® is built on a solid, evidence-based foundation. It is highly configurable for a personalized user experience that drives informed decisions for both individuals and organizations.  

7. Wellsource: Population Health Starts Here℠ 

One of the most experienced companies in the industry, Wellsource provides a scientific, evidence-based family of health risk assessment (HRA) solutions and self-management tools based on over four decades of experience. Wellsource logo.png

The scientifically valid WellSuite® IV health assessments use the power of technology to enable organizations to inspire healthy lifestyles that promote health, prevent disease, and reduce avoidable healthcare costs. They connect healthy life style choices to healthy outcomes.

The WellSuite® IV HRA tools capture and display data in easy-to-understand formats, identifying risk factors for preventable disease and measuring participants’ readiness to change.  Employers can focus and prioritize resources to yield better outcomes and reduce costs.

The wellness industry is complicated and effective wellness programs provide both tangible and intangible measures of success. These companies are using innovative technology to target a

Portait of a blond girl getting streching her legs before running outdoors.jpeg

nd identify health risks then guiding users toward ways to improve. Because if health outcomes aren’t improving, the wellness program is missing the mark. 

Using health assessments that are powered by scientific data that is evidence-based and actionable, our short list of companies can help you build a successful employee wellness program that empowers participants with the tools to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors and reduces the healthcare costs associated with chronic disease.

The Future of Wellness Powered by CoreHealth

If you are a wellness provider who is committed to improving employee health, well-being and engagement through a scientific, evidence-based approach, request a demo and let us show you how CoreHealth partners with these health assessment providers (or a HRA provider of your choice) to deliver best-in-class worksite wellness programs to clients. 

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