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Major Gap in Wellness Programs

Dec 8, 2014


On December 4, 2014, CoreHealth hosted an incredibly successful webinar with Dee Edington and Angela Camilleri from Edington Associates, the creators of Life Skills for Success (also known as ‘My Self-Leadership Project’).

Dee Edington has long been considered a trailblazer in the field of health promotion, having spent 30 years researching how to keep organizational healthcare costs at bay. This research compelled him to write the landmark book, Zero Trends.

Zero Trends describes the Five Pillars of a successful wellness strategy; one of these pillars encouraging individuals to be more accountable for their personal health. While higher risk people definitely need more help, it is also important to keep our healthy people healthy.

Dee’s vision is to encourage employees to find ways to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. He’s witnessed the growth of wellness programming from health risk assessment and analysis, to excellent nutrition and exercise programs, to smoking cessation and now stress relief programs. But after years and years of perfecting these programs, there is still not the level of evidence required to show we are achieving our goals of making people healthier. Clearly there is still a major gap.

The gap inspired Edington Associates to turn its focus to ‘mindfulness’ and ‘intention’.

Once the Edington Associates team was clear about the concepts they wanted to represent, the real challenge came in putting together a design that captured all of the scientific research while keeping it relateable for employees of different backgrounds, interests and levels of health. The next goal was to create a unique user experience that allows participants to embrace these valuable concepts in a personal and meaningful way.

Edington Associates researched the science behind positive psychology, and learned from the premises of flourishing, becoming our best and recognizing personal strengths, in order to create a tool that could be accessed by anybody, anywhere. ‘Life Skills for Success’ was born!

Thinking beyond the scope of traditional wellness programs, Edington Associates partnered with Corehealth Technologies to deliver their innovative program. CoreHealth, specializing in developing technology to support all types of wellness initiatives, seamlessly integrated the ‘Life Skills for Success” toolset into its flexible platform. The CoreHealth Platform, delivers integrated programs for leading organizations supporting wellness, disease management and behavioral health interventions across the globe. This marriage of research and technology allows Life Skills to be rolled out quickly and alongside your existing programs internationally, and in multiple languages.

The enormous amount of registrations and requests for info stemming from this webinar have proven that there is an appetite for a new approach… Even well-known ‘late adopters’ have been calling!

We all agree that we need to start looking at the bigger picture. Some of our industry sages talk about well-being, some call it holistic  and even living with purpose. Call it what you want - it’s time for change!


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