The 6 Most Common Privacy and Security Vulnerabilities

Mar 6, 2015

News reports of large data breaches are becoming a regular occurrence, such as the recent Anthem data breach where attackers gained access to databases containing the details of 80 million ...

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Where in the World Can Personal Health Information be Stored?

Jan 30, 2015

It is becoming increasingly common for global companies to deliver wellness programs for their entire workforce. Read on to understand geographical requirements of personal health data ...

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Top 10 Security Questions When Choosing Wellness Technology

Dec 24, 2014

When deploying a corporate wellness platform, most sophisticated organizations perform a security and privacy assessment as part of their due diligence process.

If the organization is located ...

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Google Fit Now Available on Corporate Wellness Platform

Dec 1, 2014

Have you noticed that the opening line in almost all corporate wellness platform conversations these days is: “what apps and devices do you integrate with?” Either you are asking it or trying ...

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Should You Build or Buy Wellness Technology?

Nov 17, 2014

Technology can be a key competitive advantage for any wellness company. Here are 4 guidelines and a white paper to help you decide if you should build your own, buy a market-ready solution or ...

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The Recipe for Successful Wellness Challenges

Nov 12, 2014

Ever wonder what the secret ingredients are of successful wellness challenges? Why do some seem to flourish and others flop? Is there a magic recipe that works for everyone? Well, the short ...

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Self-Leadership is Key Skill for Corporate Wellness Participants

Oct 15, 2014

Obviously nobody wants to be sick. No corporate wellness program can bestow well-being. People have to assume responsibility for their own health before any wellness resources or programs you ...

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Corporate Wellness Results with GO Online Wellness

Jul 7, 2014

CoreHealth Technologies and GO Online Wellness have recently partnered to provide a complete wellness support package for Workplace Wellness customers using CoreHealth's Corporate Wellness ...

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TAVi Health’s Imaginative Wellness Challenges

Jun 12, 2014

CoreHealth has some innovative customers providing creative wellness challenges – one of which is TAVi Health. Check out TAVi’s latest wellness promotion (see below) powered by CoreHealth ...

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CoreHealth's Corporate Wellness Software Sets New Bar for Flexibility

Apr 9, 2014

KELOWNA, BC, April 9, 2014 /CNW/ - CoreHealth Technologies just announced Version 2014.1 of its corporate wellness platform. This release gives customers complete control over the look, feel and ...

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