8 Sites to Help Corporate Wellness Companies Find a New Wellness Portal

Aug 22, 2017

Leading corporate wellness companies (and organizations) are always looking to grow and evolve their workplace health and wellness products and offerings - including their wellness portal. Research options with these 8 sites.

You will note that some of these directories/lists don't clearly categorize by wellness portals (aka wellness management software); however, many wellness technology companies also provide wellness services so it can be difficult to separate - CoreHealth provides wellness technology only so corporate wellness companies know their services and programs are safe and secure from their competitors.

You may also be interested in Understanding the Two Types of Wellness Technology Providers to better understand the differences between a wellness application vs. wellness platform - a distinct but important factor to understand as you research wellness portals.

8 Sites to Help You Find a Wellness Portal

Here are 8 helpful resources (that we know of) to help you research a new wellness portal:


2. G2CrowdG2Crowd

  • G2Crowd doesn't have a dedicated category to wellness portals; however, they are included under Other HR Software.

3. GetAppgetapp.jpg

4. HR.ComHR.com

5. ShortlisterShortlister

6. SHRM SHRM.png

  • SHRM has an extensive Human Resource Vendor Directory including wellness portal vendors (although portal vendors may appear under other categories such as wellness programs.

7. Welcoawelcoa.png

8. WellStepsWellsteps.jpg

Wellness Service Providers Also Technology Providers

You may notice that CoreHealth may not be included on all these lists as we are not a wellness services company. We deliver an all-in-one wellness portal only (aka wellness platform). Many of the corporate wellness companies included in these lists are also our customers and re-sell our wellness portal (in additional to providing health and wellness products to clients).

As noted above, it's important to understand the difference of the two types of wellness technology providers.

Other Helpful Resources

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Cindy Danielson

Written by Cindy Danielson

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